Jolly Autumnal Monday

Good Monday morning, friends, Romans, countrymen!  Oh wait … do you sometimes waken in the morning and have to take a few minutes to figure out who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing here?  I think I’m not quite awake yet … happens a lot as I’ve gotten older!  Anyway, I am quite certain of the fact that today is Monday, the first one of autumn, and the last one in September.  See, I haven’t completely lost my mental acuity.  Joyful is off visiting ‘Uncle Woger’ today, and since Jolly isn’t allowed in the kitchen, I sent him out for donuts ‘n coffee for our morning snack.  No bacon today … sorry guys!  So grab a snack and then we’ve got some fun stuff for your Monday morning chuckles!

Dere’s more in da kitchen if you need more … just ask

How ’bout we start off with some music puns from over at Phil’s Phun?

And some funny signs …

And your favourite part of Jolly Monday … ‘TOONS!!!

Perhaps a few memes would be good for some laughs …

Well, my friends … NO GWAMMIE … You’s forgettin’ da animal video!!!

Oops!  You’re right … thanks for reminding me, Jolly!  What would Jolly Monday be without the cute critter video!!!  We thought you might enjoy seeing some baby lions this morning!

And now, friends, it’s time to get into gear and make this a great week!  We hope you found a few smiles and chuckles here this morning and we hope you have a safe and happy week ahead!  Please remember our friends in Florida who are battening down the hatches in preparation for Hurricane Ian that is expected soon.  Take care, Mary, Larry, Horty, Scottie and all our Floridian friends, and let us know you’re okay when you can.  We will be thinking of you.  Love ‘n hugs to all from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

33 thoughts on “Jolly Autumnal Monday

  1. This Monday’s is a positive treasure trove Jill, every time I read the ‘best one’, another came along and topped it..
    Annd that would have been a Welsh Weather forecast.
    Up until about two years ago….Definite evidence climate change is here I tell you!!

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    • Awwww … I’m so happy to hear that! Heh heh … I almost captioned that one with “I bet our friends Roger and David can relate to this” but I got in a hurry and forgot to. Yep, there can be no doubt … even the climate deniers surely must know the truth, but it suits their purposes to be eggheads. I don’t think you’ve gotten to it yet, but I used that ‘Chicken Little’ clip you sent me in my afternoon post titled “Heed the Warnings”. Thank you!!!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the laughs! We all need more of those, yes? If I find two of those kittens, I will BRING you one of them! I get dibs on the first one, though! (Can you imagine the chaos that would throw this household with already 5 cats, each with their own special needs?)

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      • I’m waiting! But I’ll have to have two of them. I’m living with 50 other people you know. They all want what Someone else has — Kinda like a bunch of children. I think I’m in the middle of a bunch of 6th graders! At least I have the river, even on a chilly and windy night!

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            • I feed our local squirrels, or ‘squiggles’ as David calls them, unsalted peanuts in the shell every morning on the back patio, and I delight in watching them throughout the day! They know, somehow, that the kitties cannot get to them through the window, and they torment the kitties! They dance around, put their little noses right up to the window and stare at the kitties! The squirrels are a delight … I’m so glad you’ve got some to watch!


  3. Too funny. Picking two to highlight the “Cage of asparagus” is rich as well as the plea on the sign for concise confessions. Sounds like a drive through. Can I take your confession ma’am? Keith

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