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You might wonder why I’m playing this one today when I only played it just over a year ago.  Well … because … well … just because … we don’t all live in a yellow submarine, but if we did, we wouldn’t have to worry when geese flew overhead. (And if that makes a bit of sense to you, then welcome to my world and you are probably in deep trouble!)

Paperback Writer was largely written by Paul McCartney (though the song is credited to McCartney-Lennon), who based the lyrics on a challenge made to him by his Aunt Lil. McCartney recalled …

“The idea’s a bit different. Years ago, my Auntie Lil said to me, ‘Why do you always write songs about love all the time? Can’t you ever write about a horse or the summit conference or something interesting?’ So, I thought, ‘All right, Auntie Lil.’ And recently, we’ve not been writing all our songs about love.”

According to SongFacts …

Paul McCartney wrote this after helping some friends, including John Dunbar, set up the Indica Bookshop (in the basement was the Indica Gallery, where John Lennon eventually met Yoko Ono), in January of 1966. Paul was the first customer of the shop.

This song was a sort of an homage to lots of authors, including John Lennon, who had already written two books: In His Own Write and A Spaniard In The Works. He also was thinking of the author Martin Amis, whom he had just developed a passion for. 

The song is sung from the perspective of an author soliciting a publisher. A “paperback” is cheaper than a traditional hardcover book, and at the time was considered of lower quality and written for mass consumption. The implication is that the writer isn’t all that good.

The first #1 hit for The Beatles that was not about love.

John Lennon and George Harrison sang the French nursery rhyme “Frére Jacques” in the background. The Frére Jacques part has nothing to do with John Lennon – Paul just thought it was clever – but it does translate to “Brother John.”

Check out the charts …

I don’t think I’ve seen a song with so many #1 slots!  Okay, enough babbling … this one’s for you, Sir Roger!

Paperback Writer
The Beatles

Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
It took me years to write, will you take a look?
It’s based on a novel by a man named Lear
And I need a job
So I wanna be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

It’s a dirty story of a dirty man
And his clinging wife doesn’t understand
His son is working for the Daily Mail
It’s a steady job
But he wants to be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

Paperback writer (paperback writer)

It’s a thousand pages, give or take a few
I’ll be writing more in a week or two
I could make it longer if you like the style
I can change it ’round
And I wanna be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

If you really like it you can have the rights
It could make a million for you overnight
If you must return it you can send it here
But I need a break
And I wanna be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

Paperback writer (paperback writer)
Paperback writer (paperback writer)
Paperback writer (paperback writer)
Paperback writer (paperback writer)
Paperback writer (paperback writer)

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: John Lennon / Paul McCartney
Paperback Writer lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

The Beatles – Paperback Writer Lyrics | Genius Lyricshttps://genius.com › The-beatles-paperback-writer-lyrics
Paperback Writer Lyrics: Paperback writer (writer, writer) / Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book? / It took me years to write, will you take a look?

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    • Indeed … if only any of us had known back in the day what our futures would bring! It’s a good thing we don’t have the gift of foresight, else we might all decide it isn’t worth it!


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  3. You can’t go wrong with The Beatles apart, perhaps, from the last one of theirs you played. If you look though their discography on Wikipedia you’ll see several more of their songs that got more #1s than this one – they were pretty successful!

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    • And that, my friend, is precisely why I played a Beatles’ tune that I already knew from previous comments you liked! I was determined not to let you down again this time! Although, to be fair, I’m sure I will disappoint you multiple times in the future, but I do try to make up for it every now and then! 😉

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the song! In my 15 years of marriage, I don’t think Donnie and I ever agreed on ANY music! Yes, my friend, your work is good and I know you will find the right publisher one day. Keep trying … never give up, okay?

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  4. I must have said this before, but Frère Jacques does not translate as Btother John, or even Brother Jack, but as Brother James. My Parisienne French teacher drilled this into me in Grade 10.
    I wanted to be a paperback wtiter long before this song ever came out, but there was too much going on in my life to even try back then. Maybe before I die…

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    • I know that you certainly have enough of life’s experiences in your past, and enough ideas in your head, that if you ever do decide to write a book it will be fascinating!


        • You might surprise yourself. If doing so doesn’t appeal, then one shouldn’t bother, but … I think your story would be fascinating, though sad at times. I’m not suggesting that you sit down and start writing today, but just that you keep it in the back of your mind for “maybe someday”


          • It has always been there, in the back of my mind. Except “mabe someday” has an expiry date now. Don’t know when it is, don’t want to know when it is, but it is certainly there..

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  5. A good friend of mine’s son grew up a Beatles Fan. Since he was a tiny tot he loved the music. One year, maybe 5 or 6 years ago, he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. He is in remission thank God, but he was given a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. His wish was to meet Paul McCartney. He did! It was all hush, hush but I’m sure it made his day!

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