‘Raw smarm’ is not a descriptor a person should aspire to

When I’m voting for a candidate, I want to know who he/she is. Yes, I care about their stance on the issues of the time, but I also care about who they are … are they a good person, an honest person, a person of integrity, or will they pay lip service simply to win votes? Today, we are seeing far too many, especially in the Republican Party, who will do or say whatever they believe gives them the best chance at winning in November. These are NOT people I can respect, they are not people of integrity or people who have values that in any way match my own. Honesty. It’s all I ask. Our good friend Keith highlights one in particular, Kevin McCarthy, who is about as honest as a snake oil salesman. Thank you, Keith!


Smarm is not a good word to be described as. As a verb, it means the following: “behave in an ingratiating way in order to gain favor.” Synonyms for the term including being “obsequious, sycophantic or servile.” This term was used to define the Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy by a fellow Republican, former Congressman David Jolly. The reason this time is recordings of McCarthy saying Trump was unaware that his followers were executing the insurrection on the Capitol.

In an article called “‘Very rarely does America get to see the raw smarm of Kevin Mccarthy’: former Republican colleague” by Sarah K. Burris of Raw Story, no punches are pulled to react to McCarthy’s latest sycophantic episode to curry favor with the former president. Here are a few paragraphs, with a link to the article at the end.

“‘And you know [McCarthy] had a glimpse into the reality that…

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13 thoughts on “‘Raw smarm’ is not a descriptor a person should aspire to

      • We, in the West have hit a series of issues. Disunity; cultish behaviour of sections of the population; more than the usual share of brutes and snake oil merchants in politics; economic upheavals, plague and war.
        Of course these are nothing new, they come in cycles and there is never one cause.
        Again we have not learnt the lessons of history.

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            • It’s rather like a battery. If it is not charging, it is discharging, which is why if you don’t drive Dolly for a long period of time, or at least start ‘er up, her battery will be dead next time you want to drive her. If humans don’t grow and evolve, then they will devolve, which … well, just look around.

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  1. That’s, generally, how these, politicians, worked, they promise you the world, the universe, and, everything grand, to try to get you to vote for them, and, after they get elected into office, then, it’s, “who are you again???” and “have we, ever met???”, and, we the voters, are, just, way too, stupid, and, falling for it, over, over, and, over again.

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    • Exactly! Not all of them, but here it is the Republicans who will tell the voters what they want to hear, then once elected they promptly forget that oath they swear. But you’re also right that it is the ignorance of the voters that keep returning these assholes to office over and over again.


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