J-J-Jolly M-M-Monday!!!

OH NO!!!!  Don’t tell me it’s Monday again already!!!  NO … NO NO NO!!!  I won’t stand for it!  There are entirely too many Mondays in the year … Jolly … take that calendar down and burn it!

But Gwammie … Monday is when we get to see our fwiends, ‘member?  Don’t ya wanna see our fwiends? 

Sigh.  Of course I do, Jolly.  Thanks for reminding me … I think I just need my coffee to get me in a better mood this morning. ☕ Oh!  Speaking of our friends, here they are now!  Hi guys!  C’mon in … we were just about to get a cuppa coffee and a snack, so come in and let’s all see what Joyful has concocted for us today!  Mmmmmm … must be PIZZA DAY!!!

There … that’s better … I’m more awake and almost human now.  Jolly ‘n Joyful went out for a ride the other day and found some funny signs they wanted to share with you …

Every now and then we find some humorous toilet memes ‘n pictures over at Phil’s Phun

Jolly outdid himself on the ‘toons this week … so much so that we’re gonna save some back for next week!  So … get ready to chuckle over these ‘toons ‘n memes …

And to top off this Jolly Monday and make sure you leave with a smile on your face, here’s an adorable video about a dog and a kitten who become besties …

Well, folks, we sure have enjoyed your company this morning, but we know you have things to do, places to go, and people to see.  We hope your week is safe and happy and that you can share those gorgeous smiles wherever you go!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly & Joyful!

63 thoughts on “J-J-Jolly M-M-Monday!!!

  1. Went on a trip to the city this week. Got in late and there wasn’t much open for take-out, but we found Espania Pizza close to the hotel. We read their menu on line, and under the Pasta heading they had Carbonera, which Gail loves. She had been craving pasta all day on the road. (A 9 hour trip, including bathrioom breaks.) So when we ordered the the menu suggested things to add to the dish. Gail took advantage and added onions, black olives, and extra bacon.
    But there was a flaw in the ordering.
    When we went to pick our order up her carbonera was being served in a pizza box. Strange, but not impossible, we thought. Back in our room we opened up the pizza box, and there was a carbonera pizza, complete with onions, black olives, and extra bacon. When we phoned the place back, he said the online order came in as a carbonera pizza, not pasta. The pasta should never have offered extras, it is pre-made, of course, and you can’t add things to it. So to him we had ordered pizza. He offered to exchange the pizza for pasta but we were too tired to go back. And when Gail bit into her pizza she loved it. One of the best pizza flavours she has ever had. I thought it was pretty good too, just strange.
    Next day we went to a sit-down restaurant, and she ordered pasta. Black chicken and fettucini. She loved that too. And her pasta craving finally went away.

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          • Nothing life-threatening, or even serious, just an unexpectedly bad reaction to new hearing aids. Did you know hearing aids can ruin your life? I wore them all my waking hours at first, because it was fun to hear again. But my brain went into overload and started to physically shut down. These new hearing aids are very efficient, unlike anything I ever had before. There was so much sound my brain stopped making sense of it. But I never suspected the hearing aids. I just thought I was getting sick. Until one morning I went to put them in and I started to shake with fear. So I went to see my doctor, and my reaction was real. Now I only wear the aids two hours at a time, and rest my brain in-between. It helps, but I am not really recovering yet. My mind is on the blink, and my body is way past exhaustion. Trips to the city are never easy these days, but these to trips just about knocked me out.

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            • Oh my!!! And just when I was determined to finally try hearing aides once again! But, not everyone is the same, so I’ll probably give ’em a shot, since I hear they’ve been improved upon since my last try some 30+ years ago. Sorry you didn’t get to enjoy the rare trip to the city. Maybe you should take Gail some weekend and go just to have some time away, do something fun for a change!


                • Ah yes … the moggies! They could manage for one night, though. But we are the same … even if all three of us go out for a few hours on a Saturday, they act as if they had been abandoned for weeks!!!


                  • The trip to the city is generally 3 days. 2 for travel and one for business. This last trip was a quick one, all or appointments were early so we were able to leave again before noon. Only 2.5 days, lol.

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              • And ss for the hearing aids, get them, definitely. Sound is a wonderful thing. But if you start feeling even a little weird, or unusually tired, turn them off for awhile. Not everyone reacts like I did, but enough do for my doctor to understand my problem tight away.

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  2. I definitely feel that cranky sleepy Monday mood this morning, Jill. 😆 The toilet aim sigh did make me chuckle what a bit. I needed that. As I do a large cup of coffee too. Happy Monday!!!

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