Democracy Can’t Afford a Governor Kari Lake

There are so many truly horrible candidates on the ballot this November that I’ve lost count. However, a few stand out in my mind … Oz, Vance, Walker, Mastriano, and Lake for starters. Kari Lake is the most unconscionable woman I can imagine … she has none. My writing partner Jeff over at On the Fence Voters has done a good job of showing us just what Ms. Lake is and I hope Arizona voters are wise enough to keep her OUT of the governor’s mansion! Thanks, Jeff!!!

On The Fence Voters

Kari Lake has a charismatic personality that reflects her years as an Arizona media personality. She talks rapidly, much like carnival barkers Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz in the House of Representatives. And much like the Congressmen above, she lies with impunity. And she does it with self-confidence that ranks right up there with her hero, the disgraced 45th President of the United States.

And, if things do not change fast, Kari Lake will be the new governor of Arizona.

If you care about democracy, and I’m not sure how many Americans do at this point, Kari Lake must be defeated in the November election. If Arizona falls for this demagogue, the rest of us will have to pick up the pieces of what might be left of a democracy in tatters.

Kari Lake is an election denier and blind sycophant to Donald Trump. He’s proudly campaigned for…

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10 thoughts on “Democracy Can’t Afford a Governor Kari Lake

  1. This is the comment I left on Jerry’s (?) blogsite:
    Where I come from, that leaves 2,916,608 Democrat and Independent voters, or twice as many as Republican voters. While some Independents may vote Republucan, there should be no reason to believe Lake and her Repugh cronies will win many seats.
    What is needed all across America is a campaign to get as many people ss possible to cast ballots. Make everyone believe their votes will determine if democracy can survive in the USA. If they don’t vote this year, they may never get another chance to vote in their lifetimes!

    Meanwhile, I understand the most important office in most states is the Secretary of State, who is in charge of elections and election-related rulings. While I do not want to see Lake become governor, I think it is more important to see a Democrat win that office, so that is the race I would be concentrating on, and writing about. Or have I been misinformed?

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    • Jeff’s post.

      We … most of us, anyway … are doing what we can to help people understand the importance of this election, volunteering to help people get registered, drive them to the polling places, or whatever. We’re trying, my friend. In most states, the Secretary of State oversees election protocols, but the Governor is the one who certifies the electors, so that position is equally critical. Lake is a conspiracy theorist who has already basically said she would not concede the election if she loses. ‘Nuff said.


      • I do hope someday the USA simplifies its voting system. Voters and electors and state officials in charge of federal voting — these make no sense to me. One person, one vote. What could be simpler? With 200,000,000 voters voting for the Presidency, can any one area really influence an election? Especially when it is an either/or two party system.
        Our Prime Minister is chosen by being the leader of the party winning the most seats in Parliament (usually.) This is not necessarily the best way to choose a nation’s leader, but it is

        much simpler to understand. And it guarantees the PM will always (usually) have the backing of a majority of ledislators.
        I would prefer to vote directly for a Prime Minister, but that could result in lame duck leaders, which helps no one.
        Right now we here in Alberta have a Premier who was not elected by We the People, who has no mandate for all the stupid things she wants to do, and doesn’t even have a seat in the Legislature. This is more stupid than either of our national systems. And it is also more dangerous. Boo democracy!
        My apologies to Jeff. I knew his name started with a J, but Jerry is grumpyoldfarmer, then? For, some reason it is easier for me to remember a Jerry than a Jeff…

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        • I fully agree. One person, one vote. The Electoral College needs to be abolished. It has done the precise opposite of what the framers intended it to do, and leaves the doors wide open to corruption, to overriding the votes of We the People, and to installing an autocrat, which is what I foresee as a distinct possibility for 2024. However, it’s harder to change the Constitution than it is for a human male to give birth to a litter of puppies!

          Jerry is just Grumpy1180. And yeah … gee, I wonder why the name ‘Jerry’ comes to mind before others like Jeff or Jake? I’ll have to ponder on that one! 🤔


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