Where Democracy Goes To Die

Jim Marchant is running in the midterms as the Republican candidate for secretary of state in Nevada.  Now, most people don’t pay a lot of attention to state and local candidates or elections – it is the ones at the federal level that grab the bulk of our attention.  But secretary of state is, perhaps, the most important position of all, for it has oversight responsibilities for elections in the state.  Secretaries of state act as the top election officials, and as such can shape how federal elections, including presidential ones, are conducted. Remember how Trump called Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, telling him he wanted him to find 11,780 more votes for Trump?  Fortunately, Raffensperger is an honest man and refused. But back to candidate Marchant …

Marchant said he had investigated what he described as the “rigged election” and had discovered “horrifying” irregularities. He provided no details – an official review of the 2020 count in Nevada, which Joe Biden won by 34,000 votes, found no evidence of mass fraud.  Okay, no surprise there, for we’ve heard that song played over and over again by Republican candidates and we’re frankly a bit tired of hearing it.  But Marchant took it a few steps further …

“When I’m secretary of state of Nevada, we are going to fix it, and when my coalition of secretary of state candidates around the country get elected we’re going to fix the whole country, and President Trump is going to be president again in 2024.”

I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like a direct threat to rig the election, to do whatever it takes to ensure that Donald Trump wins in two years.  THAT, my friends, is as illegal as anything else I can imagine.  It is … he is basically telling the people of Nevada that their votes will not count after this election, that he and he alone will decide who wins the state of Nevada, or in his words, the “whole country.”

Marchant pushed for fake Trump electors to be sent from Nevada to Congress to try and subvert the 2020 results. In January, he was asked whether he might try to do the same in 2024, and replied: “That is very possible, yes.”

WHY are these election deniers, and especially Marchant, who has already said he will break the law, even on the ballot???  Are there truly no values, no rules, that would demand a bit of integrity from those running for offices that could affect the lives of every person in this nation?  I don’t know about you guys, but I am furious!  This is a slap in the face to We the People, to the taxpayers who give their hard-earned money to pay the salaries of these criminals!  I wonder how Marchant will manage to take his oath of office, to pledge to uphold the Constitution, when he is already plotting to destroy it?  Perhaps it’s easier for these people who have no conscience to begin with.  We can only hope that the people of Nevada are as appalled as I am by his words and that they care enough for the democratic foundations of this country that they send Mr. Marchant packing.

But he is not alone.  At a rally held Saturday before last, October 8th, Marchant named several other candidates for secretaries of state, such as Mark Finchem (Arizona), Kristina Karamo (Michigan), and Audrey Trujillo (New Mexico).  He said, “If we get all of our secretaries of state elected around the country like this, we take our country back.”

Finchem, by the way, participated in the insurrection on the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, as did several candidates running for congressional seats.  In my book, THAT should be absolutely against the law!  Anyone who participated in an attempted coup against the United States government, against We the People, should NEVER have the privilege of sitting in Congress.  Period.  Though we cannot rely heavily on polls, the latest polls show both Marchant and Finchem on a path to win their bids.

I don’t know if the quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin was actually uttered by him, but it’s an apt quote, either way:

“It’s a democracy.  If you can keep it.”

Can we?  Will we?  It’s up to us, my friends.  Up to us.

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  1. Hello. Great post Jill. I love how you break it down and agree with your assessment 100%. This morning I read that a republican in the house said if they take control of the House they will knife the Biden administration, Marge Greene has promised endless investigations and impeachment of Biden … for the crime of being a Democrat, I guess. The republicans do not want to govern, and they don’t want the government to actually function. They claim everything needs to be shifted to private for profit businesses because government doesn’t work and to prove it they plan to break it. Instead, they want to troll. That is what they love, the spectacle and the fame after getting airtime on Fox. Hugs.

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    • Thank you so much, Scottie!!! Oh yes, I’ve heard they are planning everything and anything to destroy the Biden administration, up to and including impeachment. Let us hope that common sense rules the day. I hear Marge Greene is planning to play a huge role in the proceedings of their sham “investigations”. How I miss the days when people in Congress actually had an education related to their jobs, when they actually cared about doing a good job for We the People, and when they actually had functioning brains. I’m so sick of the Republicans and their perfidy.


  2. When I’m secretary of state of Nevada, we are going to fix it, and when my coalition of secretary of state candidates around the country get elected we’re going to fix the whole country, and President Trump is going to be president again in 2024

    I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like a direct threat to rig the election, to do whatever it takes to ensure that Donald Trump wins in two years. THAT, my friends, is as illegal as anything else I can imagine.

    Illegal? Are you kidding me? I define the word “fix” as taking something broken and making it whole. If something is broken, shouldn’t it be fixed? That’s how I interpret his words. Once the broken system is fixed, we can have a fair election, per Marchant. How does that become something as illegal as anything else one can imagine? You have read in this something you want to believe, not something he actually said.

    The 2016 presidential election was extremely close. Trump beat Clinton by a combined 80,000 votes in three states (Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin). The 2020 election was even closer. Biden beat Trump by a combined 40,000 votes in three states (Georgia, Wisconsin, and Arizona). In both elections, flip the three states and you have a different result. Do you really believe it is unimaginable that 40,000 votes across three states could have been manufactured or discounted and changed the course of the election?

    In 2020, Republicans picked up a net of 12 house seats and nearly flipped control of the House. It is unimaginable in this environment favorable to Republicans that Trump would not do better than was reported?

    Joe Biden spent most of the campaign in his basement watching TV re-runs while Trump campaigned tirelessly across the country. Trump rallies drew tens of thousands (I attended a couple myself) while Biden could barely draw a hundred or more. Biden was barely coherent and was (still is) clearly suffering from the early stages of dementia, yet Biden is the man who received more votes than any other president in history, including more than Obama who is far more popular and far more charismatic? You ask us to have no doubt that this doddering venal man captured more votes than any in history? We can’t have doubts or ask questions?

    This is before you even look at the specific problems with the elections. I listed 37 election discrepancies and the same day my brother came back with the knee-jerk response: “cleanest election ever” and “there is no proof of any problems”. It didn’t matter what I said. He would come back with the same response if it were a hundred discrepancies. Read Molly Hemmingway’s “Rigged” if you want the other side of the story (but I doubt you care to hear the other side).

    You say you want more people to vote, does that include more illegitimate votes? We want legitimate votes to count and illegitimate votes to not count. Is that a problem? Fewer illegitimate votes does mean fewer votes, but you imply it means fewer legitimate votes. It is sophistry on the part of the Left.

    Why do you folks refuse to label Stacy Abrams an “election denier”? She lost Georgia by 50,000 votes while Trump lost by about 12,000. Her claim was supported by nearly everyone of note on the Left. Her claim is more credible than Trump’s? Her loss was more than the 34,000 in Nevada you highlight above. Now Abrams is denying that she ever denied and do you notice? Roll the tape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZbQjk_FVzY

    How many excuses did Hillary Clinton provide for losing in 2016? She blamed Facebook for God’s sake. She blamed everyone but herself. The Mueller probe went over for two years in order to prove Clinton won and Trump cheated. It was a bust. People should go to jail for that fraud which her campaign perpetrated and the Obama administration furthered. 30,000 emails removed using bleach bit software by her own lawyers. Cell phones destroyed with hammers? Personal servers containing top secret emails which Jim Comey said were almost certainly revealed to hostile foreign actors. Do you care about those threats to democracy? Her role models were Senator Byrd, former KKK leader, and Margaret Sanger, another racist who started the “Negro project” along with Planned Parenthood, but do you notice? Is this the history you say is being covered up? The 2016 election fraud and Clinton’s and her staff’s roles are still be investigated by John Durham, by the way. Perhaps some day justice will be served.

    Al Gore conceded the day after the election and then withdrew his concession. He refused to concede and asked for dozen of re-countings and the elimination of votes in dozens of Florida counties. Is this another history artifact that should be ignored? I lived through and I haven’t forgotten. For eight years afterward, we heard George W. Bush was illegitimate. Democrats perfected the art of “election denial” long before 2020.

    In 2022, more people voted in the Georgia mid-terms, supposedly racist law that would limit legitimate voters. What did Abrams say? Don’t let the actual numbers dissuade. You believe her or your own lying eyes? The 2021 All-Star game was relocated from Atlanta because of this. Then the 2021 World Series was held in Atlanta. What poetic justice. Did anyone on the Left notice that? Maybe it wasn’t politically expedient any longer, so nobody cared. Or maybe they realized how silly their original solution was.


    • Hello Seek-the-truth. Just to clear up a couple points. You ask if it is too much to think 40,000 votes could be fraudulent. Yes it is. The small number of known voter fraud normally numbers around 5 to 10 votes in a state. 60 court cases found no significant fraud or improper voting procedures, all cases the trump people lost. Trump’s director of the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, Christopher Krebs said the 2020 election was the most secure ever in US history. Facts matter. In every state recount the vote totals matched the reported outcomes. Trump lost because more people voted for him. As for the size of crowds, that is a stupid measure of support when the country was in the middle of a pandemic where the CDC was recommending that to save lives people did not gather in groups. Remember the 6 foot rule in most stores. That the right chose to put more of their people in harm’s way than the left shows that the democrats value people and life more than spectacle and show. Remember that going to a trump rally cost famous trump supporter Herman Cain his life, as he got the Covid virus at one and died. On Al Gore, turns out he won Florida by 502 votes. If the vote count had been able to continue instead of being stopped by the SCOTUS Bush wouldn’t have been president, Gore would have. But like most people before trump the tradition of peaceful transfer of power which is a hallmark of democracy was too important so Gore wished Bush well and urged the country to support him. The Mueller investigation / report was not about Clinton and did show that there were 10 well documented cases of obstruction by trump and his people, and that Russia did work hand and hand with the trump campaign but did not conclude that trump himself directed it. Manafort trump’s campaign manager admitted giving a Russia intelligence operative a lot of sensitive campaign data showing how Russia could best help the campaign. But there was no proof trump knew or ordered that. There were other documented events of Russia’s involvement like the trump tower meeting, but again Mueller went into this know he couldn’t charge trump as a sitting president, so he did not try to prove trumps involvement. He did document a lot of times the campaign and trump staff got direct assistance from Russia. Facts do matter. Ok I have used up enough space on Jills wonderful blog. Hugs

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      • Let’s take Georgia: more than 5 million votes. What’s the chance that 12,000 or more are invalid? That’s one out of every 417 votes. You insist it is not possible. Why is that beyond possible? You believe 5 to 10 fraudulent votes in each state every year? The reward for cheating is too high for it to be that low.

        Krebs declared it the most secure election ever before the voting even stopped. He sounds like my brother who had a knee-jerk reaction before there was even time to know all the problems.

        I mention crowd size only because the enthusiasm and the sizes between the two were so dramatically different. Biden and Harris could barely draw a 100. Trump was drawing tens of thousands all over the country, even in places like LA. I wouldn’t mention it if not for the dramatic differences. Biden got more valid votes than Obama who is far more popular than him? He got more votes than president in history? He barely campaigned and when he did nobody came to see him.

        Al Gore won by 502 votes? Are you an election denier? I lived that through that two month saga. I never remember that claim. Al Gore was gracious in defeat? Really? Don’t remember that either. I remember 8 years of claims GW Bush was illegitimate.

        Democrats have challenged every election in which a Republican has won since 2000. In 2005, Benny Thompson (J6 chairman) and James Clyburn (a current House leader) voted to challenge the results in Ohio. Senator Barbara Boxer supported them and many other House Reps as well. If Ohio could be changed Kerry would have defeated Bush. The difference between the two in Ohio was more than 100,000 votes. Or do you not remember this one? Democrats perfected the art of election denying long before 2020.

        The Mueller report was a bust. Otherwise they would have impeached Trump over it. Your recollection of history is not so good. After Mueller report was a bust, they went to Ukraine to impeach Trump. If Mueller had the goods, Trump would have been impeached for what was in the report. He wasn’t impeached for anything in the report. Why not if Mueller had the goods like you claim?

        Remember what the issue was regarding Ukraine? Quid pro quo. Trump was said to have threatened to cut off Ukranain aid if they didn’t help him in his investigation of Hunter Biden. Zelinksy denied this, said he didn’t take it as a threat, but it didn’t matter to the Dems trying to impeach Trump. Find me the man and I’ll find you the crime. That was Stalin’s KGB chief who said that. It applies to those going after Trump.

        Do you know what Biden did last week? He asked the Saudis to delay their cut in oil production until after the November election. A quid pro quo. He doesn’t mind the price of gas going up, just wants to delay it until after the election. When the Saudis did not agree, he threatened to cut off their support. Unlike the Ukranian president, the Saudis revealed Biden’s claim. Why aren’t we impeaching Biden for a quid pro quo? It is the exact same thing Trump was accused of.

        Biden also did the same thing when VP. He bragged about getting the Ukranian prosecutor, the one who was investigating Burisma, the company his son was on the board of, fired. He admitted the firing was tied to money to Ukraine. Investigation of Hunter Biden was dropped afterwards. He is on tape discussing it a few years later. It’s easy to find. Quid pro quo?

        Manafort gave Russia sensitive data so they could help him rig the election? Why was Trump not impeached over this? Where do you find this stuff? How about the fact the Russians gave Christopher Steele fake data which made its way to the Clinton campaign (who paid for it) and then to the FBI and to the FISA courts and then to our one-channel Democrat propogandist corrupt media?




    • Dave … did you ever hear the expression, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? That applies here. The 2020 election was proven one of the most secure in modern history in this nation. Trump lost by nearly 3 million votes in 2016, but because of the electoral college he took office. He lost by nearly 8 million in 2020. The majority has spoken. Trump should not be allowed on the ballot after his plotting and planning to overturn our votes in the 2020 election, even leading to loss of life.


  3. This is why you need every eligible voter to get out and vote this year. Trump/Repughs have a lot of followers, but in most areas they ARE NOT the majorities. Whatever it takes, get everyone to the polls, or however they are able to vote!

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    • Republicans are only about 40% of the population, but they have rigged the game to skew in their favour with such things as gerrymandering and voter disenfranchisement laws that affect primarily Blacks, the poor, and women … the very groups most likely to vote Democrat. Yes, I KNOW we need every eligible voter to vote, but we cannot force them, and having them break the law and get thrown in jail is NOT the answer!

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        • Gerrymandering was named after Eldridge Gerry who served in the 1790s. That’s when gerrymandering was invented. Both parties do it and have been doing it for more than 200 years. To pretend one side does it and the other does not shows an incredible lack of understanding of history and reality.


            • Perhaps there will be no borders as well, only globalist elite rule, like the progressives in World Economic Forum want (and many others in U.S., Canada, Australia, and Europe believe in as well). The anti-democratic forces, the destruction of all the existing traditional institutions, are on the Left. You are aligning yourself with the folks who would destroy the liberty we currently have. They may not succeed however because our enemies notice the internal division and will use it to their own advantage.

              We have far more in common with each other than we do with the leaders of China, North Korea, Iran, Russia, etc. but you want to look at the world with your new-fangled unproven ideas that have never been truly tested. You fail to see the consequences of destroying religion, family, achievement, traditional values, and all the rest. You fail to see the hypocrisy, lies, and double standards of so many on your “side” and only see the failings of those on other side. The leaders of your side take advantage of this guillibility for their own benefit. This is comfortable for you. You don’t want to be challenged. You trust in the superiority of your world view. These ideas have no long-term track record, but you believe still. You don’t want to test the notions put forth by your own side, make adjustments, and have give and take. All sides have problems and must be continually held accountable; human nature will continually fail us, but you see all the problems in the world as the fault of one side. You are comfortable with your new fangled beliefs which will land on the dust heap of history all too soon.


              • Give it up. I have almost nothing in common with you except the fact I am a living being. Borders do not exist, and should not exist. Time does not exist either, it is a convenience.
                But I will ask one thing of you, if you want to communicate. Restrict yourself to one or two short paragraphs. You lose all credibilty by running on and on.

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                • Borders do not exist? Aren’t you one of the ones who say history is being re-written? What would world history be without borders and wars over borders? You don’t like borders, so you would rather they have never existed. Sounds like an emotional rather than a logical argument.

                  Time does not exist? You have been able to transcend time unlike the rest of us? Please do share your magical formula. You should come up with at least a few words to explain this notion or you lose all credibility yourself.

                  You have something in common with China’s leader Xi perhaps? His goal is to make China the world’s superpower and to destroy the current way of life for all Westerners. Perhaps that’s your goal as well , but I can assure you won’t like Xi’s solution to the problem of Western decadence (or whatever it is you label it).

                  Three short paragraphs. Is that too much to digest in one sitting?


      • The 2022 primary in Georgia had record turnout, in both primaries. The 2022 early voting in Atlanta is breaking records so far. Where is the voter suppression? How about we look at some actual facts and numbers? Biden and Garland and Abrams talked about what would happen in Georgia. The all star game was moved from Atlanta as well as punishment. Well, they were all wrong. Their predictions didn’t pan out. Votes were not suppressed. But do the facts and data matter to you when you are sure you are correct?

        Voter disenfranchisement is a myth.


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