How Dems Should Tackle Economic Issues

Our dear friend Gronda has returned!!! I don’t know about you all, but I’ve missed her so very much! And after her hiatus, she is primed and ready to go, her usual fiery self, as her post today shows us! Let’s listen to Gronda telling us what the Democrats need to do to get the attention of the people in the coming three weeks.

Gronda Morin

If Dems want to maintain their majority status in the US Congress in 2023, they cannot cede winning the debate on US economic issues to GOP MAGA candidates. 

There’re 2 things that Dems can do to successfully tackle economic issues head on. First Dems can start by trusting the intelligence of even GOP MAGA voters. No, Dems won’t move the needle by much, but any movement can make a difference in close elections. The second major argument is that if GOP prevail in winning majority power in US House and Senate, US economy including inflation will probably be made worse.

Just look at what happened in 2022 when a conservative UK politician enacted a favorite right-wing solution to any economic problem, widespread tax cuts which was the catalyst for a major financial meltdown. As per a 10/17/2022 Reuters report, “Under the new policy, most of (former PM) Truss’s 45 billion…

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17 thoughts on “How Dems Should Tackle Economic Issues

  1. I just don’t get how some people are so concerned with the economy, which is a global issue, not created by Joe Biden, as opposed to losing all their freedoms. Economy will always fluctuate, once democracy is gone, all is lost. 😦

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    • Well, their “trusted leaders” like Kevin McCarthy and others in the Republican Party tell them that the rising prices and economic woes are all Joe Biden’s fault, and being largely uneducated, they believe it. I can tell them 100 times that the UK economy is even worse than ours, that the problem is a result of the supply chain issues resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, that the Saudis and OPEC are responsible for the rising fuel costs, but they’d much rather blame Joe Biden. Yes, the economy will stabilize, but as you say, our democracy will take a long time to recover from the assault it is currently under. If it ever does. Sigh.

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  2. As I commented to Gronda, MAGAts are not ready to buy the truth. They want to own the libs, whatever that means to them. At this point I would not be worrying about Repugh voters, I would be much more worried about getting out the voters who can see though the Republican BS and asking them to please vote this election. If Gronda wants to sell something, get her to sell belief in democracy, and disbelief in autocracy/theocracy.

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      • Certainly does. But a horse will drink only IF it is thirsty, and IF the water smells safe.
        When it comes to Kool-Aid, MAGAts drink whether they are thirsty or not, and they do not test the liquid for safety.
        Therefore, horses are smarter than MAGAts.

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        • Hah! I should have known better than to use that particular example with you, an expert in horses! And yes, no doubt nearly every animal species on earth are smarter than humans in the sense that they still have their natural instincts, whereas humans lost theirs as they came to rely more and more on technology.


              • Cannot be worse than ours. Neither Gail or I are capable of cl3aning our house right now, it is everything we can do just to keep the cats fed and the plants watered. The price of housecleaners has tripled with Covid, and we can no longer afford that until the horses start winning and bringing home purses. We truly cannot afford them, but we love them to much to sell them to owners who will probably abuse them. It’s a definite Catch 22.

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                • I hear you … I keep the kitchen clean, the laundry done, vacuum once or twice a week and clean the downstairs bathroom once a week and that’s about it. Goose and I work together to get the kitchen and hallways mopped every couple of weeks. My energy levels are taxed even by this. And I would never be comfortable hiring somebody else to clean our mess, so … it’ll stay this way ’til I get some energy I guess. Sigh.


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