No elected official is above the law, that includes you Senator

Good ol’ Lindsey Graham … the man who stabbed his ‘best friend’ John McCain in the back. The man who long ago forgot the meaning of that Oath of Office he swore to uphold. Our friend Keith sums up his latest perfidy pretty well … thank you, Keith!


Oh, Senator Lindsey Graham. You still think you are above the law, just like the former president for whom you keep white washing away his sins and crimes. This is highly disappointing, especially for an attorney who served in the military. So, you should know better as you technically have sworn the same oath to protect our constitution on three occasions.

For those who are not keeping up, Senator Graham had twice asked the courts to not require him to testify in the former president’s election meddling case in Georgia. Two judges have said no to his requests. Now, he is asking the Supreme Court to allow him to blow off a subpoena. If you have even only a small dose of skepticism, you have to ask why is he so adamant to not testify? Call me crazy, but I think he does not want to have to perjure himself…

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8 thoughts on “No elected official is above the law, that includes you Senator

  1. How about Biden? He went to the Saudis and asked them to delay the oil production cut until November–after the election. This is an obvious quid pro quo. It is the very thing Trump was accused of and impeached for. During the Trump impeachment the Ukraine president said he did not take this as a threat from Trump. It didn’t matter to those who wanted to impeach. Biden threatens consequences for the Saudis since they wouldn’t play ball with him. Sounds like a quid pro quo. Why shouldn’t Biden be impeached for a quid pro quo when Trump was impeached for the exact same thing?

    Biden then pulls 15 million more barrels from the Strategic Petroleum reserve three weeks before the election. He denies he is trying to manipulate the economy and uses government resources to influence the electorate. I don’t believe him. Maybe you do.

    What about when Biden went to Ukraine and had the Ukrainian prosecutor fired? He said I wasn’t giving them the money until he was fired and he was fired. Only the guy who was fired was investigating Burisma, the company which his son (who knows NOTHING about energy production) was sitting on the board of. Biden plainly admitted this years later, even bragged about it.

    How about a bit more balance in your coverage of events?


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