Saturday Surprise — LOVE!

For today’s Saturday Surprise, I wanted something more than cute animals, beautiful birds, or fun street art.  Those are all good, all fun, but I know that angst levels are high right now all over the world.  The war in Ukraine, the upcoming election in the U.S., the chaos in the United Kingdom … these are the times that try people’s souls, as has been said before.  So, I went in search of … and found … something to not only warm the cockles of your hearts, but remind us all that we can learn a hell of a lot from the animal kingdom if we just look … and listen.  This story is a simple one … love.  It might just be the best 4 minutes you’ll spend this weekend.

19 thoughts on “Saturday Surprise — LOVE!

  1. Some humans hate each other, it is not surprising they hate other species too. Animal mothers seem to recognize that all babies need a mother too. We could definitely learn from animals.

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  3. NOW IF ONLY HUMANS WOULD FOLLOW THE ANIMAL KINGDOM and accept that loving another species is not only fine, it’s preferable to seeing that species suffer. Kindness doesn’t come with a specific skin colour or breed. We’re all capable of it if we try o accept that differences are welcome as is diversity. Fear it not, embrace it.

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    • Indeed … that was what I found so beautiful and heart-warming about this … the species didn’t matter, colour didn’t matter … LOVE crossed all those invisible barriers. WHY can’t humans be more like other species? You’re so right “Fear it not, embrace it.” Words to live by.

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