Jolly Monday Before … HALLOWE’EN!!! 🎃

Good morning, fwiends!  It’s me, Jolly!  Joyful and Gwammie are in da kitchen finishing up some special tweats for you all this morning, so I get to start off da day!  We gots some fun stuff today to help you start out da week with a smile, I think!  Let’s head on over and see what Joyful and Gwammie have for us …

We thought that since next Monday is Hallowe’en, we’d twick you with some fun tweats dis morning!  Come see what we gots!

I hope you enjoy your Hallowe’en treats and now, let’s see what fun stuff we have in store, starting with just a few cute pictures …

Jolly?  Did you get some good ‘toons for us?

And maybe a few funny memes, too …

And now for the fun/cute animal video of the week!

Well, my friends, we’re sad to see you go, but we hope that we’ve managed to start your week out with a grin and a chuckle!  Keep safe and have a wonderful week ahead … and please do remember to share those smiles!  A smile can go a long way toward making somebody’s day brighter!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

33 thoughts on “Jolly Monday Before … HALLOWE’EN!!! 🎃

  1. Happy new week despite everything. It’s my birthday on Wednesday and our tenth wedding anniversary on Monday and we’ll go back to Donegal. Life can be good. Sending you all hugs and good vibes. (Does that sound like I had some wine??????) 🤣

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  2. Red Skelton! Where did you dig up a picture of Red Skelton? Man, he made me laugh as a kid. I doubt today he would even be allowed of stage, let alone television. Times have changed.

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    • I don’t remember where I got that one, but probably over at Phil’s Phun where I get most of my Jolly Monday material. Yes, I remember his weekly comedy show with fondness!


  3. Jill, nicely done. You know what would be a scary costume to me is if someone showed up at my door to trick or treat and was dressed as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rick DeSantis, etc. Yikes. Keith

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed them! I used to have the patience to do cute things like that, but these days … I prefer things I can throw all the ingredients into a bowl, mix and bake! (Warning: old age makes you a) grouchy, b) lazy, and c) unable to remember anything!

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    • I’m glad to have given you cause to grin! Yeah, I knew you and Roger would like the ‘wheelie bin’ one, and in fact I thought of you when I first saw it! Awwww … any week that is full of Cwtches is bound to be a great week! Cwtch

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