Who do you trust?

Here we are, exactly two weeks from election day. Have you cast your ballot yet? The girls and I mailed ours on Saturday. We usually use a drop box, but in today’s violent political climate I thought the U.S. Postal Service to be the safer, more reliable venue, even despite Louis DeJoy.

Our friend Brosephus responds to a recent ABC News poll and asks the question: “Who in the hell are they polling?” Let’s have a look at what he has to say …

The Mind of Brosephus

Here we are, less than 16 days away from election day, and a major news outlet is putting out information like this.

My initial response is, “Who in the hell are they polling?” I also want to know in which alternative universe the polling responders reside.

Why would anyone outside of the wealthiest Americans trust the GOP with the economy? They’ve already said they’re going to cut Social Security among other programs. They’re threatening to default on the debt limit again to extract concessions from Biden. Now ask yourself, if these financial endeavors were so damned important, then why didn’t they do them when Trump was in office and they controlled Congress?

Face it America, if your net worth doesn’t include at least three commas in front of the decimal point, the GOP doesn’t care about you or your families. All they want from you is a vote to give…

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    • Really? That’s odd … it’s well-publicized in the UK and I figured throughout the EU as well. I wonder why? What are you guys and France fighting about? I’ve missed that one. And just a question … what are your thoughts on the new Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni? xx


  2. Earlier today I read an article that totally downplayed “polling results.” I suppose they can give us a “hint” of how things are going, but to take them as hard facts is pretty foolish, according to the article. Of course the big problem with polling is it DOES influence people who really don’t pay that much attention to what’s happening in the down-and-dirty part of the political world.

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    • ‘Tis true that putting too much faith in polls is a fool’s errand, but I still watch them for trends/patterns. The polls that had Hillary Clinton sweeping the 2016 election proved that we cannot rely heavily on them, but they still bear watching. I’ve never, however, even once considered using polling data as the basis for my voting decision! I decide who to vote for based on their policies, honesty, integrity, etc., not on their popularity. Sadly, though, you’re right and some people don’t take the time or effort to do the research into the candidates’ background and philosophies.


      • And I contend that the reason “some people don’t take the time or effort to do the research” is because “life” gets in the way. Working, raising kids, running a household, balancing a budget, etc. tend to take precedence in many households. And for many of these people, their choices are determined by party affiliation rather than studied research. As a sidenote — this is just another reason why vote by mail (as my state does) is such a fabulous policy!

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        • I can’t argue with that … I spent many years working 80-90 hour weeks, raising three children, struggling to pay the bills, so … been there, done that. But, with our very core foundations on the chopping block today, I think people … all people … ought to care enough to think, to study the candidates, to know the issues, and to vote their conscience, not just to follow the loudest voice. Otherwise, those children they are working so hard to provide for will pay the price for their neglect, for their failure to protect our nation and our future.

          Like you, I am a huge fan of postal voting and your state is the shining example of all postal voting … I wish other states would adopt it. Here in Ohio, we do have postal voting. The girls and I mailed our ballots last Saturday, and today I received confirmation that they have been received! It is, indeed, a fabulous policy!

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          • I definitely agree that all people SHOULD care … but speaking from my own experiences, there was a time that I just voted party ticket. I knew little to nothing about the issues and really didn’t care to know. Unfortunately, I think there are thousands of others in this same place. I wish it weren’t so, but …

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            • You are not alone, I’m sure, and yes, there are thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands who don’t make the time to study and research issues and candidates. In the past, it hasn’t mattered much, but today … it is simply imperative that people consider the facts, seek the candidates who have the education combined with experience, AND who care about all the people, not only the wealthy few. Otherwise …

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  3. I’ve tried telling the middle class Republicans don’t care about them and they won’t believe it. They should check their tax returns under each party and they’ll see.

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  5. I left this comment on The Mind of Brosephus:
    Any polling company can control their poll results by randomly polling the correct people from the correct areas to give them the pre-determined result they want to present to the public.
    The question is, why do they want to do this?
    The obvious answer is to demoralize the people whom they want to lose the election — why vote when the odds appear to be so hugely stacked against you. But, they could also be using reverse psychology — maybe they can get more voters out to overcome the manufactured polling results. In other words, incentify the slackers by telling them they are going to lose.
    The only way to tell for sure is to find out who is paying for the poll in the first place.
    But do either of these methods actually work? If one of them does, it is probably the first method, to demoralize the opposition.
    In my small mind, the correct thing to do is to ban all polling! Or at the very least, pay the polls no attention. No matter what the polling companies say, they cannot be trusted. They are trying to influence the election, whether they are up front about it or not.
    Choose your candidates, go vote for them, and believe enough other people will agree with you and make the same choices that you make. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE. You can only control your own vote. Don’t let anyone else try to control your vote for you!

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  6. Jill, people who pay attention know what conservative pundit Michael Gerson has defined, “the Republican Party is in decay.” When a party vilifies its truth tellers and aggrandizes its liars, it lacks veracity. When it requires its candidates to promote The Big Lie and a former president who has betrayed his oath to the constitution, then it is a party that cannot be trusted. This is before one considers the party has not voted on a platform since 2016, meaning they really don’t care to articulate what they stand for other than just denigrating everything and taking away rights and benefits. We need a viable conservative voice, but this current GOP vintage is not it. Keith

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    • Amongst Republicans, it is a career death sentence to be honest, to have integrity and values. Sad, isn’t it? Somewhere down the road, there will be a price to pay, but meanwhile, we are all paying a price. The biggest question in my mind is how do we open the eyes of those who blindly follow, who deafly believe all the lies? How do we challenge them to use their brains? Sigh.

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