♫ This Old Heart Of Mine ♫ (Redux)

Exhaustion seems to be my perpetual state of being these days … not sure if it’s roots are physical, emotional (state of the nation), or a combination of the two, but at any rate, I’m settling for a redux once again tonight.  I have played this only once, back in 2019.

Earlier this evening, I was reading a transcript of a podcast, part of a fascinating series put together by Jonathan Capehart for The Washington Post called Voices of the Movement about how music propelled the Civil Rights movement.  It’s a fascinating series in case you’re interested, and you can either listen to the podcast or read the transcript.  Anyway, as I was reading, this song by the Isley Brothers literally popped into my head.Isley-BrothersThe Isley Brothers became one of the most successful acts of the ’70s, and also one of the most independent – they wrote, produced and released their own music throughout the decade. But in 1966, they were signed to Motown Records, who teamed them with the songwriting/production team of Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland (Holland-Dozier-Holland), who originally wrote this song for The Supremes.

Released as their first Motown single, it was a hit, but their last Top 40 with the label, who reassigned Holland-Dozier-Holland to other artists. In 1968, The Isley Brothers left Motown to record on their own label, T-Neck Records. Their first T-Neck release was the group’s biggest hit: It’s Your Thing.

Lamont Dozier said this song was inspired by girl he just couldn’t give up …

“The more I tried the deeper I fell. I made excuses for her and all the wrong she had done to me. She was a necessary evil that I just couldn’t overcome.”

Rod Stewart, a huge fan of both Motown and The Isley Brothers, recorded his own version in 1975 and released it as a single. His rendition was a big hit in the UK, climbing to #4, but it only went to #83 in the U.S. He did a lot better stateside when he recorded the song as a duet with Ronald Isley in 1989. This version made #10 in the US.

This Old Heart of Mine
The Isley Brothers

This old heart of mine been broke a thousand times
Each time you break away, I fear you’ve gone to stay
Lonely nights that come, memories that flow, bringing you back again
Hurting me more and more

Maybe it’s my mistake to show this love I feel inside
‘Cause each day that passes by you got me
Never knowing if I’m coming or going, but I, I love you
This old heart darling, is weak for you
I love you, yes, I do
These old arms of mine miss having you around
Makes these tears inside start a-falling down

Always with half a kiss
You remind me of what I miss
Though I try to control myself
Like a fool I start grinnin’ ’cause my head starts spinnin’ ’cause I

I love you
This is old heart, darling is weak for you
I love you, yes I do, yes I do

Ooh, I try hard to hide, my hurt inside
This old heart of mine always keeps me cryin’
The way you’re treating me, leaves me incomplete
You’re here for the day, gone for the week now

But if you leave me a hundred times
A hundred times I’ll take you back
I’m yours whenever you want me
I’m not too proud to shout it, tell the world about it ’cause I

I love you
This is old heart, darling is weak for you
I love you
This is old heart, darling is weak for you

I love you
This is old heart, darling is weak for you
I love you, yes I do, yes I do
I love you, yes I do, darling is weak for you

Songwriters: Edward Jr. Holland / Lamont Dozier / Sylvia Moy / Brian Holland
This Old Heart of Mine lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

10 thoughts on “♫ This Old Heart Of Mine ♫ (Redux)

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  2. I bought this when it first came out. Still love it today – as I said when you played it two months ago, alongside the Rod Stewart cover, this is the best version in my view, by a distance.

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    • WHA … WHAT??? I played it two months ago??? AAAAGGGGHHHH … You’re right … I played it on 8/28! I swear I searched my archives and the only one it gave me was back on 5/27/2019! I really need new glasses! Sorry ’bout that, but at least it was one you liked! 😊

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      • I don’t know if the display is the same for you but I see ‘related’ posts which on a redux show previous posts of the song. I thought this one was familiar and so it was!

        Archive fail! But as you say it was a good one. Will you be playing it again in another two months?

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        • No, I don’t get any of that when I’m editing my posts, even in ‘preview’ mode. I did check my archives that night, but somehow I missed the fact that I had played it in August. You’d think maybe it would have struck a hint of memory, but … the memory fails! Ha ha … not planning to play it again in December, but … who knows? With my memory, nothing should surprise you!

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  3. I am really not sure how this song furtherd the Civil Rights Movement, but it certainly furthered the place of the Isley Brothers in the music world. (Why Motown did not promote their talent I will never understand, but Berry Gordy never explained his choices to anyone, so, who knows what went on behind clòsed doors.)
    I am just glad they found their way back to the top, because “the top” was becoming a mighty crowded place by this time. Good play, Jill.

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