Democracy – The Quantum Arrangement

Democracy, it is said, is the ideal form of government to which all nations should aspire. But, is it really so perfect? Or is it perfect only on paper, before humans get their hands on it? Listen to what our friend Roger has to say on the subject …

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

One Word. Guaranteed to start a fire

If there is one way to upset some folk who worry about Democracy it is to suggest they are living in one. I did this once on a UK Face Book and received stern lectures, warnings and downright abuse from opponents of the British Government, some of whom seemed to have taken the V for Vendetta film as a documentary and are living the freedom fighter fantasy.

The Nature(s) of Democracy

Democracy takes on similarities to some of the categories encountered in Quantum Physics and Mechanics; they are either a wave or a particle, or they exist until you look at them. Taking the analogy one step further the study of both often end up with something along the lines of  ‘Even if we can’t see it. There has to be This otherwise That wouldn’t happen’ 

The observation that there are multiple forms…

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6 thoughts on “Democracy – The Quantum Arrangement

  1. This is just a part of the comment I left on Roger’s post:

    Democracy is a great idea — as long as two conditions apply: 1. The people understand what they are voting for, which is for the betterment of all citizens; and, 2. The people they vote for are honourable and dedicated to providing good government for all citizens.

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