Do Democrats think climate change is a worthy cause to spend our children and their children’s money on?

Last night I came across a post by fellow blogger Arthyr, or kingarthyr as it were, that is absolutely the best, simplest, easy-to-understand explanation of climate change that I have ever heard or read. A 12-year-old child could understand this, and it is a perfect response to those climate deniers who are wearing their rose-coloured glasses and claiming that the changes in Earth’s atmosphere are natural, not caused by human excesses. Thank you, Arthyr, for this clarifying piece!

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Well, Dean, I’m not a Democrat but I’m going to ask you 3 very simple questions:

Have you ever heard that an ounce of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure?

Have you realized it entered your head, at all, if the planet cannot sustain life there will be no descendants?

Is it better WE clean up our mess or leave it to THEM to clean up our mess?

I get it, you don’t understand what climate change is, or how it will affect the planet, or the future, so I’m going to explain it in layman’s terms for you, and even use some pictures.

This is what happened to places all around the world that locked down just during the early stages of the pandemic in a set of before/after pictures, taken at the exact same places:

The above and below shot are after and before, not before…

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8 thoughts on “Do Democrats think climate change is a worthy cause to spend our children and their children’s money on?

  1. Most of the shots where done at different times of the day. Which explains the hue and difference in colour nuances. And the world is about to enter the next ice age soon (in the next couple hundreds or thousands years), if we go on blowing poison into the air or not.

    And what are we supposed to do in order to help? Pay more taxes? Get rid of our gas guzzlers and buy electro cars? Where building one single battery cell is more damaging for the environment than my stupid 55 y/o van could ever be. All in order so big industry can go on destroying the planet?

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    • Ahhh … so you deny the climate science, eh? Why am I not surprised? Anybody who thinks Putin is the good guy in the war against Ukraine, would likely be a science denier. Ah well … the world would be boring if we all thought alike, I suppose.


      • “you deny the climate science, eh?”
        N,o, I fukn don’t. I believe in science. It’s just the science isn’t unequivocal about the climate thing. Doesn’t matter, I don’t need science to live as environmetally friendly as possible. Hubby and me, we don’t heat our house, we barely ever buy new stuff, we use electricity, water and household cleaners sparsely, neither of us has been to a hairdresser in years and I’m totally off any beauty products since, like 30 years or so. Also we’re not big on producing rubbish but most of what we have goes into recycling.

        Ok, we got this big fat and ugly gaz guzzler but as I’ve learned just recently, the production of a single battery for an electric vehicle does more harm to mthe environment than our old ford could ever do in al his life since 1967.

        “Why am I not surprised?”
        Because you don’t pay attention?

        “Anybody who thinks Putin is the good guy in the war against Ukraine,”
        I don ‘t think he’s necessarily a good guy. But in the Ukraine case Russia is right. I know their intervention was not totally in congruence with intl law but according to their intelligence reports they had to go in. It was absolutely clear that Ukraine was about to start an offensive into the Donbass. The Russian SMO probably saved thousands of lives. Everybody who is informed about the situationand not just entranched in unilateral patriotism knows those facts. And that is why 80% of the world is with Russia in this conflict.
        With Russia! With or without Putin. Every other president would’ve done exactly the same.

        “would likely be a science denier.”
        This statement makes no sense, as environment and politics don’t mix well. I’m always open for new facts about the climate since I’ not very well informed. And I’m willing to change my lifestyle if needs be.
        Are you?
        Well, in the case of Ukraine vs Russia I consider myself kinda neutral expert and came to my conclusion by studying the facts, not the players.


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