Did Any of Us Notice?

It is with shame and regret that I had not heard of the 100 lives lost in Somalia. Are we becoming inured to such things? Are we, in fact, losing our humanity to technology? Or are humans simply becoming more self-focused, self-centered, and uncaring? Our friend Roger shares some of his thoughts that I think everyone should read. Thank you, Roger!

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

Mogadishu Bombing October 2022

Two days ago 100 people died in twin bombings in the capital of Somalia.


No, I did not notice at the time. I only read this by chance when checking the BBC newsfeed for an update on the latest antics of members of our government.

Point of note, excluding everything up ‘newsfeed’ that took up 16 words; the news item took 14 words. Despite the horror of that death and carnage, sitting here is my relatively stable and comfortable piece of the Western World I still end up devoting more words to UK ‘local’ comparatively transitory topics than the violent deaths of one hundred folk in a place, far away. And I might have heard the news about 500 deaths in the same place a few years back, but there’s no memory. There should have been, but we in our own locations flooded by input trivia and matters which…

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10 thoughts on “Did Any of Us Notice?

  1. I think it’s just so much going on that you simply can’t keep up with it all. On top of that, it’ll get us down ifyou do keep up. Just because it wasn’t mentioned anywhere or we didn’t see it, doesn’t mean we do not care.

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  2. Jill, it is a terrible shame on top of the bridge collapse in India and Halloween crowd crush in South Korea. All three incidents have claimed hundreds of lives. Keith

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