“Have You No Sense Of Decency?”

My grandfather fought in WWI, my father fought in WWII … both would be absolutely horrified to see what has happened in this nation in the past decade. People whose ancestors sacrificed time, money, and self for a greater good, have now become whining, petulant adults who cannot see past the tip of their nose, and don’t bother to try.

It was 1954 when attorney Joseph Nye Welch faced then-Senator Joseph McCarthy and uttered the words that would live forever in the annals of history …

“Until this moment, Senator, I think I never really gauged your cruelty or your recklessness…. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

I pose the same words today to the likes of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, Marge Greene, Lauren Boebert, Andy Biggs, Louis Gohmert, Matt Gaetz … to candidates Herschel Walker, Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Mehmet Oz, Doug Mastriano and J.D. Vance and others … HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF DECENCY???

I’ve done some thinking over the past few days, and perhaps the best thing would be for all the aforementioned people, people without a clue how to govern “for, of, and by the people”, to actually get elected next week.  Let them show their followers, their rabid base, just how inept they are, how unqualified and inexperienced they are.  Let them make a bloody shambles of this country, and then perhaps in 2024, the ignorant will have been enlightened, the proverbial light bulbs will have come on over the heads of those who fell for the lies and rhetoric.  Perhaps then … people will have learned and will elect qualified people, whether Republican or Democrat, to office to repair the damage and clean up the mess left by McCarthy and his band of merry thugs.

Meanwhile, though, how many of us will lose our life’s savings?  How badly damaged will our relations with those we now call allies have become?  How much worse will the ravages of climate change be in two years if the Republicans have their way in rolling back all environmental regulations?  How many of us will be dead … because we couldn’t afford the insulin and other medications we require to stay alive?  How many children will have died of starvation, or seniors because their Social Security was cut, or women because they died of an ectopic pregnancy because removing the non-viable fetus would be rendered ‘murder’ in her state?  And how many asylum seekers … human beings … will have died because the U.S. refused to consider them as … human beings?

Sometimes lessons can only be learned the hard way.  Sometimes the child will only believe that the stove burner is dangerously hot after he places his hand on it and lands in the emergency room for 2nd degree burn treatments.  And sometimes, maybe you have to destroy something, burn it to the ground, before you can rebuild it from the ground up.

So, pull up a chair, bring popcorn, and watch the destruction of a nation that our ancestors once fought for.

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  1. Two comments fro a WPO article that are perfectly stated.

    “And yet, people are going to vote to put associates of these crooks in office because of the prices they are paying for gas and groceries. They are so stupid they don’t understand that the tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that Trump added to the national debt- $7+ Trillion, is why we have inflation.
    Let the MFers live with a dictator. I’m old. I don’t care anymore.”

    “It will reveal that we are a shallow, narcissistic, what’s in it for me, damn the rest of you society that cares about not much besides our bottom lines. What the fools about to put the right back in charge don’t seem to realize that without a healthy democracy, none of those “kitchen table issues” are going to mean much when we’re ruled by fascists. We will realize it far too late I am afraid but hey, go ahead and put them in people, let them blow the economy to hell and back as they surely will, let’s see how much “faith” you have for the right, once they’ve been running things for a couple of years more, but again, by then it’ll be too late. It is now sickening to me to BE an American seeing the willful self destruction we seem to want to do. It is really unbelievable we’ve sunk so low. Shame is what I am sure I for one will feel after next week…”

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  2. Hey, Jill.
    I highly doubt having stoopid Repughs win would help teach anyone anything. The MAGAt voters don’t seem to want good gpvernment. They have had ample lessons they could have learned from, but instead they choose to vote Republican anyway.

    They want to own the libs no matter what. They will eat shit if they have to, as long as they can make everyone else (except the wealthy) eat shit too.
    They worship the wealthy, who can do no wrong. They worship their religious leaders who fly around in private jets while they travel by donkey. They do not want women to be able to have abortions because they think the more kids that are born the more future MAGAts there will be. They actually believe they are being replaced by people of colour, and they want their lily-white skin to prevail forever. I could go on, but what’s the use. They want anything that does not benefit those they see as their enemies.
    If the Republicabs do dominate this election, they will make sure Democrats never win another election anywhere. As it is, with even Blue states trying to enact new voter laws EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO VOTER CHEATING GOING ON, people are going to believe what they want to believe, not whatever the truth is.
    I think they have been lied to by politicians for so long they are willing to believe those politicians who are openly lieing, rather than those politicians who make promises they seldom deliver on.
    And if this happens, that the Repughs dominate, normal Americans will live to regret not taking the time to vote in the 2022 election.

    The thing is, my gut believes the Repughs will not dominate. In fact, the Democrats will be the dominatrixes.

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      • Thanks, Mary, but I will stay in Canada. America holds nothing for me, except if I lived in Detroit I could see my favourite sports teams live on occasion.
        I realize there are a lot of things that I cannot know, but living in redneck Alberta (as I do now) gives me a bit of a picture. Being aboriginal in a white world also helps.
        IF Americans do not come out in huge nimbers for this election, then all the polls I’ve been reading about are right, and the Repughs will dominate, and I will have to eat my words. But I think this will be the most-voted in election ever in recent American history, and that the Dems will win. Even in some southern states.
        There is too mich to lose if they don’t!

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    • I’m always puzzled by that expression, “own the libs” … what exactly does it mean? In this, the 21st century, people are not slaves to be ‘owned’ by another. And what are ‘libs’? I presume they refer to liberal-minded thinkers, people who care more about other people than about wealth and power, but … why must they give derogatory-sounding nicknames to everything they don’t like? Ah, but then you and others do the same when you refer to them as “Repughs” and such. Perhaps we could all stop the name-calling and actually have discussions? Sigh. At any rate, I do not understand what they mean by “own the libs”.

      If I live long enough, I will have the last laugh over those who worship wealth. There will come a day when their money will have less value than a grain of sand. And, although I too will be dying, I will laugh at those who thought huge sums of a concept known as ‘wealth’ would make their lives forever wonderful. Someday, whether from an EMP or a nuclear detonation, they will find themselves without electricity, without water, without food, and it will be every person for himself. We’ll see how well they fare then.


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      • I call Republicans Repugh by way of description. “Rep” obviously standing for Republicans, the “ug” standing for ugly-minded, and the whole “ugh” because all their blather sounds to me like cave people talking, “Ugh ugh ugh!” It is descriptive, and if they want to be insulted by it that is up to them. The thing is, I only use the term on “liberal” blogs and websites to be sure everyone knows who I am talking about — extreme right wingers.

        As for “owning the libs” I can only tell you what I take it to be, which is “having the last word in any communication with a non-Republican,” or, as you say, a liberal-minded person.
        They think if we do not have a snappy comeback to whatever stupid things they say then they have won a battle “that was never declared.” Any conversation, peaceful or not, is a battle for them, so they need to feel they’ve won. Winning is owning the libs. At least that is my understanding. One of their favourite lines is, “You cannot prove there isn’t a God, can you?” No, it is impossible to to prove a negative idea, so they go away thinking they won that battle, even though they cannot factually prove there is a God.

        Hope this helps.

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          • They have some juicy names for us, but I don’t look at it as name calling, but rather telling the truth about who they are. They can call me a Snowflake or Woke all they want.
            Imagine, a red-skinned Snowflake? But they don’t care — and I can pass for white if a person doesn’t look too closely.

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            • I don’t mind being called a ‘snowflake’ or ‘woke’ … I just think it’s a damn shame that we’re reduced to name-calling, to making up things and completely turning the English language upside-down trying to find unique ways to insult one another. Sigh.


  3. “Sometimes lessons can only be learned the hard way”… so true!
    Republicans, be careful what u wish 4, u just might get it.
    So many forget, the pandemic started under Trump. Biden administration inherited all the unemployment, inflation, shortages, supply chain disruptions, and now on top of all that dealing with the Russo-Ukraine war and high gas prices.
    Sadly voters have goldfish memory and forget the truth. America deserve it’s leaders – b/c voters are so inept.
    C’mon man, Herchel Walker? Dr. Oz? Sounds like a reality clown show to me. No wonder Trump was elected, have we not learned from the past??

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  4. Jill, I have shared with a couple of Republican Senators’ offices the need to speak out and reduce the temperature in our country. We have too many, largely Republican current and former elected officials who are throwing gasoline on the fire and that is unfortunate. Sadly, we are going to have more people as incumbents who truly do not represent the better angels in our country. The handful you mention will get some additional ship mates that will fuel further divide and not govern with everyone in mind. I want to be inspired by our elected officials, but it is truly hard to feel that way when too many are endorsing violence and vitriol.

    We deserve better than this. Sadly, it is about to get worse. Please vote for civil discourse champions and prove me wrong. Keith

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