Two Li’l Snippets From Da Rabbit Hole

I don’t know about you guys, but I seem to be stuck in a rabbit hole filled with darkness and ugly creatures who invade my waking hours and my dreams.  Can we fast-forward to next spring?  Anyway, today I have only two little snarky snippets to share with you … two is enough for now.

You can fly but you cannot eat???

I’m confused.  Yeah, I know, that seems to be pretty much a chronic state for me these days but bear with me a minute.  The headline reads …

Airline pilots ramp up pressure in pay talks as air travel booms

Huh?  Say WHAT???  I’m listening to an endless string of whiners saying they can’t afford to fill their tank up, can’t afford to buy food, wah wah wah … but air travel is booming?  So … is this some alternate universe or … are the whiners unable to afford fuel and food because they spent their entire August pay on tickets to … Hawaii?  Paris?  Mozambique?

Personally, given the cost to the environment of a single 747 taking off, flying across the pond, then landing, I’d vote to shut the airline industry down!  The only people with a valid reason to fly right now are those who are traveling for family emergencies … a dying relative or to rescue a family member from a bad situation.  Those who just want to lie on the beach or play the tourist somewhere in Europe can stay home for now!

If air travel is booming, then obviously the average Joe isn’t hurting from the effects of inflation and rising prices nearly as much as his whining would have us believe.  So Joe … shut the f*ck up, and when you get back from your vacation on the Italian Riviera, perhaps you can have a few dollars left over to donate to the homeless, eh?


It’s the guns, stoopid …

The average Joe who is a registered Republican is not college-educated and not always politically savvy.  That is not intended as an insult, but a statement of fact.  And thus, he/she is more likely than some to play ‘follow the leader’ … in other words, to believe what he is told by those in his circle who speak the loudest.  So, when the Republican politicos yell loudly and often that “CRIME” is the biggest problem this nation has, most Republican voters believe it.

It isn’t the worst problem we have, nor even in the top five, but for the purpose of this discussion, that is neither here nor there.  Let’s assume, just for a minute, that “CRIME” is in the top five worst problems facing this nation.  Now … let me ask you … with what tool are most non-white-collar crimes committed?

Very good!  You get a gold star ⭐!  Yes, guns are the tool that is most often used to commit crimes such as murders, robberies, murders, kidnappings, murders, etc.  And yet … how does it make sense that the Republicans in and out of office propose more guns and shun legitimate gun regulations?  They are all for handing out guns without licensing requirements to any, including those previously convicted of domestic abuse and other violent crimes!  It’s like someone saying they hate strawberries but devouring the entire strawberry shortcake!

The logical question to ask a Republican who is running on the basis of crime rates, “And how do you plan to reduce the number of guns in the hands of civilians in this country?”  Ask … go ahead … ask Kari Lake or Mehmet Oz or if you’re really ready for a few laughs, ask Herschel Walker that question and watch the spittle run down their chins as they struggle for a response!

And here are a few ‘toons I’ve been gathering over the recent weeks …

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    • I saw that in a couple of places outside of Twitter today, also. I only hope that before 2024 even rolls around, Trump has been convicted of sedition and is thus ineligible to have his name on the ballot! Really, I hope he’s sitting in a prison cell, but I’ll settle for him just not being on the ballot. Still, that leaves a lot of other nasties like DeSantis, Greene, and others who are threatening to run if Trump doesn’t. Either way you cut it, the Democrats need to make a strong showing in 2024!

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      • The Democratic Party desperately need stronger candidates who are real leaders, not publicity hounds like AOC or Gavin Newsom. I’m thinking Pete Buttigieg may fit the bill and pushback on Republican radicalism. A major obstacle is the DNC sabotaging viable candidates whom they consider non-electable like Bernie Sanders.
        I can’t think of anyone else who has mass appeal and capture the imagination of the ppl like President Obama. Perhaps Michelle will change her mind?

        Good news, I hear the Republican party wants someone else beside Trump, he’s too controversial a figure and a lousy President. We shall see if the racist radical right has infiltrated the RNC, then there’s no hope for us all. All moderates will be expelled like Liz Cheney or Adam Kinzinger.

        We all need to return to sanity and elect a moderate for 2024! Al Gore maybe??


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  2. Hell, and I thought the UK is a bad place currently… I loved the Bannon Snippet too. And of course the Number 10 cat. Thanks for the giggle. But what I meant at the beginning has to do with Ozzyman and video he shared about a lady from Arizona who ended up in a police cell because she fed homeless people in a park. Here is the link from Instagram
    I think, I shared it in my Facebook story too if that’s easier. Ozzyman is a good place to be cheered up if you need one by the way 😁😇

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  3. Lol, this cartoon about Bannon in the prison is so hilarous. 😉 You are so right, Jill! If the air flights are booming (also here in Germany) why they do not have enough money to spend for food? This world and communities are going nuts, more and more. ;-/ xx Michael

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the cartoons, and yes, I’d love to see Bannon in just that situation! It seems to me, Michael, that people have their priorities mixed up if they can afford to jet set but then whine that they cannot afford food or fuel for their car. Perhaps we need to start holding classes to teach them a few things? xx


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  5. Jill, the last one is the most interesting one. People are just not paying attention and being told not to notice those tires being taken off the car, per the earlier cartoon. If the Republicans catch the car they are chasing, they will be exposed for what they are – highly untruthful and more concerned with giving more money to the wealthy and helping them keep up. Dems are not perfect, but at least they are talking and doing stuff about climate change, renewable energy, infrastructure and guns, even though that was watered down. They also addressed keep the added subsidy on ACA premiums and curtailing RX costs some. Keith

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    • So true, my friend. People are so easily distracted from the bigger picture, and the politicos know this … all they have to do is keep talking about how outraged people should be about the price of gas, and meanwhile they are working on pulling the Social Security/Medicare rug right out from under us all. And by the time the people wake up one morning and realize they cannot afford their insulin, it will be too late. Nobody, let alone any organization comprised of humans, is perfect, but on a scale of 1-10, I’d put Republicans at a 2 and Democrats at an 8.5. At least the Democratic Party stands for people, not wealth. I would truly like to see the Republican Party take a crushing blow and finally have to look within and restructure the party, develop an actual platform, and eject the radical conspiracy theorists, opting for a more moderate point of view. As long as they pander to Trump, though … it’s unlikely.


  6. The sardonically artist approach……
    As you may appreciate from my perspective I never cared for the lyrics of this song.
    That said, I would suggest it makes a great theme for the Republicans

    Deluded fools
    Quote from Biil & Ted’s Bogus Journey on arriving in ‘The Bad Place’….. ‘We were lied to be out LP covers dude,’

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  7. It will be over soon, Jill. You won’t have to wonder if you are in “hell” or not. And once you know for sure, then you can get your horses in line and charge ahead in a definite direction. That should get you out of the doldrums.

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  8. There are, always going to be those who think that they can lead, those who follow those who think they can lead, and that’s why, this world is, in such, a total, mess, because, those who think they can lead, actually, can’t lead, and, those following along, are, just all, going down that cliff, following their, leaders, which causes the world to, dnd up in HELL.

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