Tuesday The 8th November. For Your Children and Their Children.

And from our friend across the big pond, a prescient word of warning …

The World As It Is. Not As It Should Be

US constitution

As I write this, the dawn of a damp, chill 5th November is here. And tonight all over the UK there will be fireworks and piles of burning woods. And pets will have a miserable time, so will folk trying to sleep. Worse our strained Hospital services will have unnecessary injuries through carelessness with use of explosives. And folk who think they are politically sardonic and witty will be making jokes favourable about Guy Fawkes.

And those words somehow seem allegorical to the state of US politics and the forthcoming greatest challenge faced by the US populations, thus far.

Let’s dial back a smidge and talk about Fawkes. He was part of a group of fanatics who were willing to bring down an albeit flawed but nonetheless nascent democracy by a savage act of violence on its parliament and replace that with a theocratic government and quiescent king. Some folk…

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47 thoughts on “Tuesday The 8th November. For Your Children and Their Children.

  1. A scary post but spot on. If there’s not a blue tidal wave, it could become Gilead. No doubts Zelensky will be glued. May there be a blue tidal wave on the 8th for global democracy. ❤

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  2. Comment left on Roger’s blog:
    Good words, Sir R. It seems so obvious from the outside what it seems so many people cannot see from the inside. American Democracy could die on Tuesday, a death brought about by Republican voters. How ironic!

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    • My views are my own and no, they are not propaganda and nobody pays me for them. I am a humanitarian with liberal views who is concerned about such things as the environment, bigotry in all its forms, wealth inequality, and more. Many of those things are on the line in this election, thereby making it possibly the most important election of my 71 years.

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    • No, based on 55 of my 71 years of reading Histories, watching and listening to news sources of all sources and above all learning the various tides, flows and follies of Humanity. It is a sad facet that Human is often doomed to repeat these follies.

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