Jolly Monday … Short, But Still Jolly

Okay … so, I was sleeping happily … well, maybe not happily, but I was sleeping amidst the monsters that inhabit my sleep these days … when Jolly came jumping on my bed, screaming “Gwammie, get up, it’s Jolly Monday and our fwiends will be here inna minute an’ we gots no food laid out ‘cause Joyful spended the night with Uncle Woger and Aunt Sheila!!!”  Sheesh, Jolly.  I tried to roll over and tell him to forget Jolly Monday, but noooooooo … Jolly Monday, he tells me, must go on, our ‘fwiends’ have come to count on us to start their week with a smile.  Okay, fine … go get donuts, Jolly, and I’ll get up and pull something together.  And thus, my friends, was the start of this week’s Jolly Monday, so please forgive us if it isn’t quite up to our usual.  Ahhhh … I think I see Jolly coming up the walkway with donuts and coffee now …

Since there is no bacon on the table today for the bacon-lovers among you, how about some bacon memes instead?  (We promise bacon will be back on the menu next week)

Okay … Jolly???  You got those cartoons lined up yet?

And, a cute critter video is a must on a Jolly Monday, else it’s not Jolly, right?  I think you’ll really enjoy Yehzu the newborn wild boar hog who cozies up to the family dog, Biu Biu!

We’re sorry this is a shorter than usual Jolly Monday, but we do hope that you found something to bring a smile to your face and start your week off on the right foot!  Keep those smiles, and share them when & where you can, okay?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly, and the AWOL Joyful!

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