♫ Rain On The Roof ♫

A few nights ago I was looking through my music archives … I cannot remember what I was looking for or why … when I came across a comment thread on a song … I cannot remember which one now … whereby Clive had mentioned that he likes this song, and I had promised to play it for him “soon”.  Now, ‘soon’ is a relative term, so I suppose that more than a year later, relative to history, could be considered soon, but I’m pretty sure I meant to play it within a few days … and that was more than a year ago!  Sorry, Clive!  Better late than never?

While Clive may like this one, apparently SongFacts, my usual go-to source, didn’t, for they had no write up on it at all.  Wikipedia had a bit, but nothing to really fill in the gaps.  I did find a bit of information about the song on a Canadian website, however, Vancouver Pop Music.  An excerpt from the article …

Rain On The Roof is a song about a couple who are oblivious to the rain pouring down on their tin roof until they hear thunder. They’ve been absorbed in conversation while sitting in the hay. So, they may have been in a barn. Prior to that they were outside and caught up in a summer shower. Now that they’re indoors, the guy notices how soaked his girlfriend is by the rain. He remarks “the way it makes you look makes me hope it rains some more.” Of course, if a woman is wearing a t-shirt and it gets soaking wet, the t-shirt can become easy to see through to the skin. In 1966, it was an innocent remark taken by radio listeners as flattery. And with the delight they are finding in each others company, the hope for more rain will only extend their time together. Here is a snapshot of a couple who seem to have no cares in the world and nothing to do but enjoy being together.

In the summer of 1966, The Lovin’ Spoonful had an international #1 hit called “Summer In The City”. This was their only #1 hit in the USA. In Vancouver the band charted two more songs to #1 with “Rain On The Roof” and “Darling Be Home Soon”.

Other than that site, I cannot find much information about the song, as it wasn’t one of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s biggest hits, at least not here in the U.S. where Summer in the City was their only song to reach #1.

Rain on the Roof

The Lovin’ Spoonful

You and me and rain on the roof
Caught up in a summer shower
Dryin’ while it soaks the flowers
Maybe we’ll be caught for hours
Waitin’ out the sun

You and me we’re gabbin’ away
Dreamin’ conversation, sittin’ in the hay
Honey, how long was I laughin’ in the rain with you?
‘Cause I didn’t feel a drop
‘Til the thunder brought us to

You and me underneath a roof of tin
Pretty comfy feelin’, how the rain ain’t leakin’ in
We can sit and dry just as long as it can pour
‘Cause the way it makes you look
Makes me hope it rains some more

You and me and rain on the roof
Caught up in a summer shower
Dryin’ while it soaks the flowers
Maybe we’ll be caught for hours
Waitin’ out the sun

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: John Benson Sebastian / John Sebastian

Rain On The Roof (Previously Unreleased Instrumental) lyrics © Trio Music Company

17 thoughts on “♫ Rain On The Roof ♫

    • “Rain on the Roof” sounds like a Christmas carol??? Now I’m really confused! Snow on the roof, I could see, but rain? Speaking of snow … we’re supposed to get our first snow showers this morning! Welcome winter! Actually, this year I AM welcoming it, after an especially hot and humid summer. But as for Christmas — can we cancel it this year? I’m really not in the mood for “Ho ho ho” and all that. Sigh. xx


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  2. Thank you for playing this one. No worries about any delay: I’d forgotten that too. It’s a little gem, and didn’t do so badly over there: Wiki says it reached #10. And please add Darling Be Home Soon to your ‘to do’ list: it’s another beauty!

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  3. In Vancouver they have plenty of sun showers, so I can see the La La Landers loving this song. (I spent many summers, and a few winters, as a La La Lander! But I didn’t get there till the winter of 67.)
    Darling Companion/Darling Be Home Soon was a double-sided hit in Canada, the last hit the Luvin’ Spoonful had. “It’s not just these few hours but I’ve been waiting sinced I toddled for the great relief of having you to talk to” is one of the most beautiful lines ever written in a rock song.

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    • La la Lander? Never heard of that! Hmmmm … Clive also mentioned “Darling Be Home Soon”, so I guess I should think about playing it sometime soon, eh? I don’t recall it, but I’m sure I will recognize it when I hear it.


      • To the rest of Camada, Vancouver is La La Land, where people are layback and fun-seeking. The rest of us have to deal with extremes of weather, but seldom does the temperature in Vancouver fall below 0°C or go over 25°C like in the rest of the country. (However, with climare change, even that is changing too.)

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