Herschel Walker HUMILIATES himself unlike ever before in DISASTROUS appearance

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over this video clip of the very unqualified-for-senate candidate Herschel Walker. There will be a runoff election in Georgia on December 6th between Senator Raphael Warnock and this former footballer … let us hope that common sense prevails!!!

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11 thoughts on “Herschel Walker HUMILIATES himself unlike ever before in DISASTROUS appearance

    • And he doesn’t even appear to realize what a fool he is making of himself every time he opens his bloomin’ mouth! But what’s really sad is that he is being exploited by the GOP in order to win an election. I’m sure they have plans to keep him ‘reined in’ if he wins the seat.


  1. Herscyel no longer wants to be a vampire? He wants to be a werewolf? Herschel, you were never a vampire! You can never be a wetewolf! Vampires and werewolvrs are characters in fiction stories. Herschel Walker being a US senator is a fiction story. Truth is srranger than fiction? Herschel Walker is stranger than truth! In truth!

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    • You’re so right … Herschel Walker sitting in the Senate would indeed be a matter of ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. He is being exploited only because he is a famous and well-loved football ‘star’ and he is Black. Sigh. For his own sake, and for the sake of this nation, I can only hope the people of Georgia have a bit of common sense on December 6th.


    • Agreed. I DO feel bad for him, for it’s obvious he has some problems, but I still don’t want him sitting in the Senate, making decisions that will affect the people of this nation for decades to come. It is tragic that the GOP is exploiting him in this way.


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