“The High Cost of Underestimating Joe Biden”

President Joe Biden is the subject of criticism from within and without his party. He’s called boring, too old, incompetent. But the reality is that he is working behind the scenes and getting things done. Our friend Annie shares with us today the words of David Rothkopf who fully understands the greatness that is the Biden presidency and the accomplishments he’s made, but received very little credit for. Thank you, Annie! Wonderful piece!



By David Rothkopf

November 13, 2022

In 2020,@JoeBidenwas second guessed by many (me included). He wasn’t exciting. Too old school. Talked about healing. Talked about a clear agenda when the other side had little to offer but hate and good TV ratings. And he won decisively despite the skepticism of the “smart money.”

For two years, he was derided for reaching out to the other side, for his compromises with the left or with the centrists in his own party, for not be exciting enough. He ignored the Beltway buzz. He did the dullest thing imaginable: he governed.

The American Rescue Plan lifted millions out of poverty and helped stimulate a job boom that now has produced 10 million jobs, a record, more than the last three GOP administrations added up. Record number of quality judges were appointed. Executive orders undid Trump’s damage.

He made the bold decision…

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6 thoughts on ““The High Cost of Underestimating Joe Biden”

    • Exactly! They are too busy doing their job to play the media circus show as some do. Remember how Trump was in front of the camera multiple times every day? Heck, every time he burped, it was an ‘event’! Biden only speaks when he has something to say because he’s busy working for the good of the nation, the environment, and people.

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  1. Jill, Annie, there is a good editorial piece written conservative by Henry Olsen in a special to The Washington Post. Olsen writes of how masterful Biden has been in handling the Ukraine invasion by Russia. He notes his opinion will fly in the face of that of other conservatives, but he lays out his argument pretty well. Keith


    • Thanks for suggesting that OpEd, Keith! I just went in search of, found and read Olsen’s piece and it was so refreshing to hear a conservative like him, who I often disagree with, give credit where credit is due. He actually has a good understanding of the situation in Europe in regards to the war in Ukraine, and was very fair in assessing Biden’s responses. I’m sure he’s right, that most of his conservative buddies will strongly disagree with him, but they aren’t taking the time to bother to understand the situation, either. They are simply acting out of a desire to argue against anything and everything that President Biden says or does. Henry Olsen stepped up a few notches in my eyes with that piece. Thanks again!


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