The total annual salaries for the 435 members of the House of Representatives is $76,300,300.  That’s just the salary, not including benefits, travel, and other perks, and not including all their staff!  When you add it all up, the total budget for the House of Representatives is $1.715 billion!  We the Taxpayers are the ones who pay these salaries.  Now, mind you, I don’t begrudge them their pay and relative to what the average corporate executive earns in a year, House members’ salaries are actually less.  But what I do mind is paying for people to do a job that they are not doing, but instead are spending their time and our money on pointless, stupid time-wasting games.

As the Republican Party leadership makes plans for their next session beginning January 3rd, 2023, we hear that their sole intent will be to impeach President Biden … multiple times if possible … for grounds as yet undetermined.  They play to spend their entire first year doing nothing but running investigations into every aspect of the Biden administration, including the president’s family members, looking for evidence of … what???

These are just a few of the ‘investigations’ they are plotting:

  • They will seek to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary of Homeland Security, not for misdeeds but because they are displeased that the Biden administration’s immigration policies are more humane than the Trump administration’s.

  • They’re planning to probe the alleged “politicization” of the Justice Department, claiming it is a hotbed of leftists and Democratic partisans. Additionally, they plan an investigation into what they claim is the ‘mistreatment’ of the January 6th insurrectionists.  Say WHAT???

  • They intend to investigate the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with the goal of gutting the IRS budget. President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act provided funding for additional IRS staffing to pursue tax fraud by corporations and the wealthy, but the Republicans want to ensure that doesn’t happen.

  • They say they plan to waste even more time and resources “investigating” the source of Covid, claiming that there was some vast ‘conspiracy’ involving none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci, responsible for the virus. They say they want to see Fauci imprisoned, or perhaps even executed for his alleged ‘crimes’.

  • And of course they plan to make President Biden’s son, Hunter, the subject of some massive investigation into his emails, his computer, his sexual relationships, and probably the brand of socks he wears! Funny the double standard here … Trump’s children were involved in a number of unsavory things, but not once was an investigation launched into their shenanigans.  In fact, they were given high-level security clearances against the recommendations of the White House personnel security office at Trump’s behest.

These are but a few of the pseudo-investigations that Kevin McCarthy, Marge Greene and others are rubbing their hands together and salivating over launching.  The end goal, as I mentioned, is to impeach President Biden.  Why?  Because he’s not a Republican, because he won the 2020 election, because he’s a man of conscience and integrity, unlike most of the Republicans.  And there may well be yet another reason … because Donald Trump asked ordered them to.

Now, we can shrug it off, for it’s unlikely with the slim majority the Republicans will have in the House that they will succeed in impeaching the president.  Surely there are at least a few who would be uncomfortable with such a dramatic and ludicrous move.  And even if they succeeded in impeachment, there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that the Senate would convict him.  But it is still important because it is a denigration of our entire government, turning the United States Congress into a circus act.  In my mind, at least, it signals the beginning of the end of a democratic system.  The Republicans are obviously not interested in earning their keep, in providing good governance, but are only interested in domination.  Then again, maybe part of the scheme is to deflect attention from their own crimes and those of their ‘leader’, Donald Trump.

What makes me furious is that the Republicans have absolutely no plan for policy-making or for legislating, which is what we hired them to do!  Their sole focus is going to be on trying to bring down the Biden administration and block any and all legislation proposed by the Democrats.  And for this … for this we are going to pay them $76,300,300!!!  I don’t know about you folks, but I’m sick and damned tired of paying hard-earned tax dollars and getting absolutely nothing in return!  I’d far rather my tax dollars go to help improve the lot in life of people who are struggling just to survive in this world than the already-wealthy bozos the Republicans have shoved into Congress!

36 thoughts on “WHAT A WASTE!!!

  1. With you all the way. And those salaries are ridiculous! The party of ‘r’ cult never had an agenda, doesn’t give a shit about agenda, but will waste two years with their theatrical bullshit of sidetracking – a game they learned from their maggot leader. They have zero to offer except hatred. Thank goodness there’s a blue Senate to babysit and not pass their bullshitified impeachments. I’m Canadian and sick to death of it all. ❤

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  2. The latest I’ve seen in right-wing discussions about the “mistreatment” of the Jan 6 insurrectionists is that the ones being sent to prison were given the equivalent of a death sentence, because they are being forced to get the “death jab.” It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad…

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    • Yeah, it would be funny … if only. Heck, most of the ones who have been convicted of their crimes have gotten off with a slap on the wrist. One was even moved to a different prison because he said the food didn’t agree with him! They killed police officers, tried to overthrow the government, and they are being mistreated by being sentenced to a few months or years in prison? Sheesh. 🙄

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  3. Oh no… another day another mass shooting 😦
    Gunman kills 5 at LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs before patrons confront and stop him, police say
    Repug can grow a conscience and do something about assault rifles, but alas donations TRUMP human lives. sigh

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    • The Republican Party has a number of ‘mottos’ these days. One is “Profit over People”. The Colorado shooting was horrific and tragic, and many are incensed over the likes of Lauren Boebert, who has stirred up anti-LGBTQ sentiment and promoted the gun culture, had the nerve to send ‘thoughts and prayers’. Hypocrisy at its finest.


  4. Jill, I called the incoming speaker asking that the focus be on governance not investigations of no consequence. I am sure it is to no avail, but needed to be said. It is not ironic that Kevin McCarthy’s first speaker role was delayed when he blabbed in an interview the endless Benghazi hearings were to discredit Hillary Clinton. He was all set after John Boehner retired, but he embarrassed the party by letting the cat out of the bag, so the party passed on him. I also do not like the “what-about” defense when folks speak of the committee to look at the role of the former president in the January 6 insurrection as reason to look at Fauci, Hunter Biden. We are talking about alleged sedition with Trump which needs a detailed vetting. The GOP screwed up by not wanting to be a part of it, but thank goodness Cheney and Kinzinger did. Keith


    • Thank you, Keith. That’s something I had not thought about doing, but I shall write to him and request the same first thing tomorrow. As you said, it probably doesn’t make a difference, but it will go on record how many people reached out to protest the direction McCarthy & Greene are planning to take the House. I’m hearing that McCarthy may not be able to get the requisite 218 votes to take the speakership, but I imagine they could pick someone even worse — Greene or Gaetz! The GOP really is in a huge mess, and I’m not sure they see the mess they are in. But they cannot seem to move forward from Trump, cannot seem to find a direction that would be good for the country. I’m not even sure that most of them remember they are supposed to be working in the best interests of the country and the people.

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  5. well, I completely agree with you that congress has long been overpaid for the “service’ they’re supposed to provide to we the citizens, in fact, I’d suggest we not pay them a penny for the next two years since they don’t plan on doing anything meaningful anyway. Surely they can survive without such subsidations from we the tax payers, they can get funds from their private lobbying friends and other special interests who pay them to make policy which only benefits them directly.
    As to the past actions of previous congresses, let’s just say that we’ll agree to disagree about some of this and we’ll focus on what we have in common here.

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    • Well, you know how likely it is that we would stop paying them for two years! But you’re right that they make more from their corporate donors than they do from their salary. I’ve long said that anyone from either party running for a seat in Congress should have to live in a homeless shelter for a month without access to a dime of their own wealth, just so they could actually begin to see how those people they ignore have to live. Then, perhaps they would have more compassion when writing legislation that affects real people, not just the wealthy.

      Yes, Scott, in some things it’s best we just agree to disagree so that we can remain friends. Hugs


      • Possibly. I had to laugh yesterday. One of our two new right wing tv ‘news’ channels, GB News, ran a poll asking if we should rejoin the EU. I didn’t see it live – never watch it – but the presenter’s face was a picture when re realised what he was reading: 55% in favour of cancelling Brexit. Maybe there is some sanity here.

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        • I saw something about that yesterday. Buyer’s remorse. But, I wouldn’t hold my breath for any serious attempt to rejoin the EU. Likely there is some sanity in both our countries, but it’s drowned out by those who find peace too boring to suit their tastes.

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