Conservative Millionaire CEOs Are Becoming Their Own Stereotype of the Welfare Queen

In case you were wondering why far too many of our members of Congress do NOT represent us, the answer lies here in this well-spoken post by our friend Gronda. It all boils down to this: The rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. Democracy in action? I think not.

Gronda Morin

Disclaimer: I’m pro-business but I truly do believe in free enterprise, competition in the marketplace where companies win by innovating, creating new widgets, smart cost cutting while paying their employees a living wage and treating them and their consumers with respect.

In short, anyone like Elon Musk buying a company at an inflated price where bills aren’t paid, employees who’ve yet to be fired are treated with disrespect, and management doesn’t deliver on a quality product, shouldn’t be allowed to stay in business. It’s the height of hubris for CEOs to blame workers who don’t want to live 24/7 in the workplace for their owners’ stupidity. This is the definition of lazy management and the antithesis of businessmen taking personal responsibility for their own lack of due diligence and failures. These greedy short-sighted CEOs have become their own stereotype of the “welfare queen.”

These are the same guys who get…

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7 thoughts on “Conservative Millionaire CEOs Are Becoming Their Own Stereotype of the Welfare Queen

  1. Dear Jill,

    Thanks a million for the reblog. I’m convinced that the Republican Party establishment, supported by GOP corporate dark money donors are finally divorcing themselves from the defeated ex-president only because they had spent billions to get lots of GOP candidates elected in 2022, but their plans were shattered. The American voter had the last word.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • My pleasure, Gronda!!! As always, your posts are spot on and well-researched. I’m absolutely sure that you’re right — Trump has become toxic, as was proven in this month’s election, and they will turn to a more ‘winnable’ candidate, probably DeSantis, but possibly someone else altogether. A lot can happen in two years.



  2. Thank you for sharing!!.. The Trumps and the Musks of this world are on a ego trip, caring little about the impact their actions have on others, the two things that matter more to them than anything are their image and wealth, they are bullies and dictators as can be seen by their actions.. In an effort to garner support, they will use their assets to seek out the mindsets of people (those people who are desperate and deny change) and then tell the people what they wish to hear, even though it may not be reality or the truth… 🙂
    In the past they would have been relatively unscathed but in today’s world, with technology and knowledge being what it is, more and more people are becoming aware and, being subtle and careful not to over react, are working together to overcome and make this world a better place, they are just not getting the headlines… 🙂

    Until we meet again..
    May the dreams you hold dearest
    Be those which come true
    May the kindness you spread
    Keep returning to you
    (Irish Saying)

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    • Indeed, I think you are spot on in your assessment of Trump, Musk, and their ilk. But what I don’t understand is … two things, really: 1) what makes some people that way, without conscience, compassion, or humanitarian values, and 2) how are they able to convince so many people to practically worship the ground they walk on? Sigh. I must admit to being depressed more by what I see as the ignorance of the masses than by the cruelty of the politicos. Their cruelty would not matter nearly as much, their voices not be nearly as loud, if they didn’t have such a large following to boost them … in Trump’s case, all the way to the Oval Office!


      • A great deal has to do with the environment they grew up in and become a product of that environment.. For those like Trump, Musk and others of like thinking, it was all about self-centered greed, thinking of only themselves with the environment they grew up in… 🙂
        As for the people they too were a product of their environment, living in a closed world where little changed in the way of ideology and for generations they were relatively safe from any perceived threat to their ideology, especially in the world of religion/faith based ideologies… 🙂
        However, with todays increasing improvements in technology and knowledge it has opened up reality and possible threats to those closed minded people, along comes a Trump (seeking power), tells the people what they wish to hear and out of fear of change, they support Trump…. 🙂


  3. None of this really surprises me. Many, if not most, of those in positions of wealth and power are there because they are single-minded in their pursuit and maintenance of wealth and power for its own sake. If not restrained to some extent by external forces such as government regulation (anti-monopoly laws, equitable taxation, and other measures which the GOP does all in its power to minimize), economic disparity would be even greater and more obscene….and yet, many average people keep voting against their own interests by electing to public office the very politicians who stoke fears and couldn’t care less about those who struggle to make ends meet.

    How sad.

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    • You’re so right … wealth and power are, to them, more important than life or even their own families. It’s a concept I cannot fathom, and it makes me rather glad that I never have been nor ever will be wealthy! The U.S. is, I believe, headed for a steep cliff if we don’t make some major changes, don’t take the big $$$$$ out of elections, and make our members of Congress more accountable to We the People than they feel now. And the other part of that, of course, is that We the People need to wake up, research the issues and the candidates, and stop voting for unqualified entertainers like Trump, Greene, Walker, etc.

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