Wise Words From A Former President’s Daughter

Nearly two years ago, when President Joseph Biden took his oath of office and the former guy left the White House and Washington behind, I expressed a hope that the media would not keep Trump in the headlines, that they would relegate him to the annals of history, let the nation heal.  I suspected then that I was spitting into the wind, but I didn’t realize to what extent.  Not a single day has gone by in those 23 months that his name has not been in the news, on the editorial pages, and shoved in our faces just about everywhere we turn.  ENOUGH!!!  He is the “former” guy … you didn’t see President Obama’s face on every news site every day for two years after he left office!  Obama’s face and words would be much more welcome than Trump’s, for that matter.  There are much more serious and important matters to cover than the temper tantrums of a low IQ former guy!

Patti Davis, the daughter of the late President Ronald Reagan, wrote a guest essay for the New York Times today that caught my eye and makes a lot of sense, if you think about it.  While I wasn’t a fan of Reagan’s political views, have mocked his ‘trickle down’ theory of economics more than a few times, I do think that he was a good man, a humanitarian, and the advice he gave his daughter those many years ago is sound.  Take a look …

If We Ignore Donald Trump We Might See Who He Really Is

Guest Essay by Patti Davis

Nov. 28, 2022

When I was about 8 or 9, I was bullied ruthlessly in school by a boy in my class. I faked being sick so I wouldn’t have to go to school, but my parents figured out that something was going on and my father came in to talk to me. I confessed to him that I was scared of my tormentor, and what followed was a lesson in the beauty of ignoring another person. He explained that bullies crave attention and that if they are ignored, they sort of deflate. He then showed me how frustrating it is to feel like you’re invisible, by ignoring me when I tried to speak to him. It worked. I returned to school, I ignored the bully and he gave up his attacks on me.

Donald Trump is like the abusive boyfriend or ex-husband who won’t go away. In that situation, one would take out a restraining order, but obviously we can’t do that with Mr. Trump. So how about not making him the predominant news story? I have noticed, to be fair, that he is a little less predominant, but let’s face it, he is still everywhere in the news. I understand that announcing his candidacy for president is news. But does it have to be a front-page story? Does the end of his exile from Twitter have to dominate the day’s coverage? Does every move he makes, every ridiculous statement he utters, have to be reported?

With each news story, each segment on television, we are giving him the elixir that keeps him going — attention. There are plenty of things going on in the world that are more important than Donald Trump. We have a planet to save. Russia is still waging war on Ukraine, and still imprisoning American citizens like Brittney Griner. The West is running out of water. There are mass shootings so often it’s hard to keep track of them. Just to name a few really important issues.

What if there was a collective pledge among responsible news organizations to take Donald Trump off the front pages, to not talk about him every single day? He would huff and puff and try to blow the house down, but no one would be paying attention. Think of how much calmer the waters would be. Think of how many other stories would get the bandwidth they deserve.

It’s not easy ignoring someone who keeps barreling onto the world stage, determined to create chaos and eviscerate the democracy we depend on, but it is often the only remedy that will work. The person being ignored will find himself alone on a battlefield he created, with only his own voice bellowing around him. Linger on that image for a moment — Donald Trump all alone in the wilderness, with only his own voice to keep him company.

There was a very satisfying end to the story of my school bully. My parents insisted that I had to invite everyone in my class to my birthday party — I couldn’t be rude and leave him out. We had my birthday parties at our ranch and the entertainment was a man with a horse and a dog, who had trained the dog to ride on the horse and do other tricks. Then the kids would get a chance to ride the horse for a few moments. My former tormentor burst into tears and recoiled at the idea of getting on a horse. He was terrified, and everyone started laughing at him.

Every bully has something they’re scared of. Every bully has something that knocks them off their game and reveals the weaknesses they’ve worked so hard to hide. All the media has to do is turn away from Donald Trump and we will see who and what he truly is. Aren’t you at least curious?

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  1. The key words in Patti’s guest essay are “responsible news organizations” (italics mine)! There are fery few responsible news organizations left in this world. Their owners want to keep Trump’s name in the news, they want him, or one of his acolytes, to regain the presidency of the USA. They do not want to have to pay taxes on their dwindling fortunes. Without Trump they will go back to losing money, especially the print media. MAGAts buy newspapers if Trump’s name is in them. MAGAts watch news broadcasts to see if Trump is on them, and the higher their ratings the more they can charge for commercial times. Trump is the grifter that keeps on grifting!
    (Okay, that malapropism doesn’t quite work, but it does sound good.)

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    • You are right about that … I used to believe that the New York Times and The Washington Post were at the top, and they’re still far better than most, but they’ve lost much of my respect. Associated Press (AP), The Guardian (UK) and Der Speigel (Germany) are about the most reliable and unbiased sources I use now. I rather like that phrase … “Trump is the grifter that keeps on grifting.”


  2. Jill, I vividly recall the former president wandering the after dinner social at the G-20 summit with no one to sit with. Everyone else had gathered at tables with no seats left. The former president then wandered over to sit at the spider’s web, a guy named Putin, who welcomed him without interpreter. The spider then proceeded to gaslight the gaslighter. Keith

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  3. I have said for years that more than being ridiculed, more than being called a loser, Trump hates being ignored. I long ago suggested that the non-right-wing media should have an “Ignore Trump” day once a month, with absolutely no mention of Hair Füror. I think that would have driven him to be even more unhinged than he already is.

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    • I fully agree! It is rather like a child who will break something or throw a tantrum to get attention … any attention, even negative attention such as a scolding, is better than no attention. The worst punishment we can inflict on Trump is to ignore him, but the media needs to take the initiative on that.


  4. You have a mixture of bully, narcissist and clinically insane. He will never at any depth be aware of any short comings. It’s not mentally possible with him.

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