Just A Few Of The Ol’ Snarky Snippets

Once again, I have no single topic in mind, but a number of things are bouncing about in my head … have you noticed this seems to be happening a lot lately?  Hmmmm … I wonder if I’m trying to cram too much into my head and bits of this and pieces of that just keep getting embedded.

Fuel prices – no, Republicans can’t ‘fix’ the problem

Republicans point to specific targets they know are personal for many voters, such as fuel prices, and say, “Look how much you’re paying for a gallon of gasoline!  Elect Republicans and we’ll fix the problem.”  Well, sorry, folks, but Republicans cannot ‘fix’ the ‘problem’.  Gas prices are not set by the president nor by Congress, as they would have you believe.  To a large extent, fuel prices are driven by us, the consumers.  You’ve all studied the “law of supply and demand” in school, and as long as demand exceeds supply, the oil producers have the upper hand.  Supply is driven by a number of things but is often manipulated by OPEC to ensure that the bottom doesn’t fall out of the market, that the oil companies will continue to rake in profits.  Anyone, including Kevin McCarthy, who tells you otherwise is lying to you.  If you really want to do your part to help bring down oil prices, drive less, turn your thermostat down and don a sweater, skip the vacation this year and have a ‘staycation’, turn some lights out (candlelight is more romantic anyway, though admittedly it makes it hard to read).  Lower your demand, and the market will respond.  Yes, this is a simplification and there are other factors as well, but We the People don’t have much control over the war in Ukraine, the impending rail strike, or other global issues affecting fuel supplies, while we do have a degree of control in how much fuel we use.  Once again, we have met the enemy and he is us.

Angry at 18???

I’m thinking back to when I was 18 years old … I didn’t hate anybody.  I loved hanging out with friends when I wasn’t either studying or working, was saving up for a newer car (at the time, circa 1969, I drove a ’56 Chevrolet Bel Air that I had paid $50 for), had a boyfriend, learned to hot wire a car and occasionally ‘borrowed’ my dad’s car when my parents were out of town, but I didn’t have an abundance of raw anger, didn’t hate anyone.

On May 14th, an 18-year-old man (boy?) bought a gun, traveled 200 miles from his home in Conklin, New York, to Buffalo, entered a supermarket and killed 10 people in cold blood simply because they were Black.  18 years old!!!  WHY does a kid that age hate Black people?  Both of his parents are civil engineers, and he was studying engineering science, hoping to follow in their footsteps.  This wasn’t some spur-of-the-moment thing … he had traveled to Buffalo in March and visited the store, and again the day before he went on his killing spree.  He graduated from high school in June 2021, and when a teacher asked him about his plans for the future, he replied, “I want to murder and commit suicide.”  Was that not a red flag???  Why wasn’t it reported and followed up on?

Yesterday, the gunman pleaded guilty to 15 charges, including 10 charges of murder and one charge of domestic terrorism.  While I am thankful that he will likely never walk free again to murder even more, I think this entire situation shows a pathetic negligence to recognize and identify a serious mental health issue.  It also furthers my position that guns are too damned easy to obtain in this country!  Next thing you know, they’ll be packaging derringers (very small, but lethal guns) as the prize in packages of Cracker Jacks!

Some honest Republicans?  Be still my heart …

Maricopa Country in Arizona is home to over half the population of the entire state!  So, what happens there matters … a lot.  I was encouraged last night to read that the Republican-controlled election board voted unanimously to certify the November 8th election, whereby Democrat Katie Hobbs won the governorship.  Hobbs’ Republican opponent, the conspiracy-theorist, Trump-backed Republican Kari Lake, insists that Republican voters were denied the opportunity to vote, that there was some irregularity with voting machines, and … ho hum … same ol’ same ol’ … we’ve heard it before and no doubt we’ll hear it again.  Other counties have put their certification on hold based on Lake’s claims, but I find it very encouraging that the largest county by far has certified the election.

And just a handful of ‘toons to add to the fun!

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  1. How they get power doesn’t matter to them. As long as they get power is their only goal. I learned when I was a kid, anyone who wants power is the last person who should be given it. No good will ever come of it!

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  2. Jill, one reason Speaker John Boehner never brought to a vote in the House a Senate passed bipartisan immigration bill pushed by Senators Marco Rubio and John McCain is he was told not solving or attempting to solve the problem was more politically valuable than passing the bill. Ironically, it would have passed the House with enough Republican votes joining the Democrats. I truly wish I was making this up.

    This led us to an executive order on DACA. Flash forward to a handshake agreement with Donald Trump and Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin to make DACA law in turn for $25 billion for Trump’s southern border wall, his Number One issue. By that afternoon, hard core Senators had gotten Trump to unwind that deal because not solving the problem would be a better political asset than attempting to solve it. Again, I wish I were making this up.

    It wearies me when people beat on their chest and complain about things like immigration. Democrats are not perfect, but here are two examples where action would have been beneficial and yet it was determined by Republican leadership to be more expedient not to act. In Trump’s case, he stopped a move to address his Number One issue.

    The question we must ask all politicians when the complain and blame the other side – what do you plan to do about it? Keith

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    • I’ve long said that if we aren’t careful, we will end up with a plutocracy, governed by the wealthy. It seems that we may already be there, eh? I would agree about asking the politicians what they plan to do about it, but … why bother when we would likely never get an honest answer?


      • Jill, we may already be there since the only people politicians respond to are big funders. Where people make a difference is by voting and pressuring companies to be better corporate citizens if they want consumers’ money. Keith

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  3. That kid who pleaded guilty to 10 counts of murder doesn’t have a mental health problem. I’m really sick of hearing this. As someone who has bipolar 1, & who has numerous family members who suffer from other forms of mental health problems, I find it personally insulting that whenever a (white man) takes a gun & murders a bunch of people, the first thing that’s said of him is that (he) suffers from “mental illness”. NOT that he’s a Fng TERRORIST.

    Stop it with the mental illness BS. Terrorists don’t have a mental illness. They suffer from IDEOLOGY.

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