Jolly Ho-Ho-Ho Monday

Good Monday morning dear friends!  Come in out of the c-c-cold and warm yourselves by the {imaginary} fireplace!  I suppose you’re all pretty well exhausted from a busy weekend of shopping, baking, partying, etc?  Me?  I stayed home all weekend … what shopping I’ve done has been online, I don’t do parties, and Miss Goose has taken over the baking chores this season, leaving me free to read, snooze, write my blog, and snooze some more.  I’ll be happy, though, when the holidays are over … I just seem to be lacking the joy, the spirit, this year.  Anyway, Joyful has cooked up some treats for you, so grab a snack and let’s go in search of something to put a smile on your faces!

Let’s start with just a few music puns …

And on to the ‘TOONS!!!

And some memes Jolly found …

Well, it feels like it’s about time for a cute/funny critter video to round out the morning.  I love watching penguins … something about just watching them walk and interact always brings a chuckle …

Well, friends, the time has come to say adieu, though we’re sad to see you go.  We hope you found something to lighten your mood on this c-c-cold Monday morn, and that you will share those beautiful smiles with others who cross your path this week!  Keep safe and have a great week ahead!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

28 thoughts on “Jolly Ho-Ho-Ho Monday

  1. Hello Jill. I am so glad I visited here today. You gave me the uplifting current under my sagging wings I really needed. I shared your cartoons / memes with Ron, and you got him to laugh and then ask me to print a couple for him. Thank you greatly for a grand post. Best wishes and the warmest of hugs. Scottie

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    • Then you have reminded me why I keep on doing Jolly Monday posts! My only goal is to help people start the week with a smile! Like you, my own spirits are sagging a bit at present, and I found it a bit difficult to get into “humour mode”, but knowing that both you and Ron got laughs from it makes my day!!! Huge hugs to both you and Ron!


    • I finished this post and felt that it wasn’t one of my better efforts, for my mood was far darker than usual and I definitely wasn’t feeling the “jolly” side of me, so I’m really glad you enjoyed it! My goal on Monday mornings is to give people a reason to smile!

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      • Hello Jill. You may think it is not one of your better efforts, but just like the smile or nice word to the checkout person or stock person at the grocery store your action has a lot of effect far beyond what you may think when you do the work to put together these wonderful posts. Sometimes it is things we do in the right place at the right time, and with this post I think you were. Hugs

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        • I guess we are our own harshest critic. Sometimes I just think that what I have done is not my best work, but it’s the best I can do at that moment, if that makes sense. Thank you for your kind words, my friend … it means a lot to me. Hugs


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    • Heh heh … I think they’re actually peanut butter and celery reindeer, but I’m glad you enjoyed them! And yes, I’ve been saving that Buffalo Springfield sign until I could find a few others … I loved it! Happy Monday, my friend, and have a good week ahead!

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