Not A Nice Man

The following is from an email by evangelical Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, an ultra-conservative ‘Christian’ hate group …

Earlier this week, President Biden signed the so-called Respect for Marriage Act, which not only codifies same-sex marriage into federal law but also opens wide the door to endless litigation and persecution of those who hold to a biblical and natural view of marriage.

I won’t mince words. There’s no denying that this is a tremendous blow to religious freedom in America. Countless God-fearing Americans could face the wrath of activist bureaucrats, leftist politicians, and militant LGBTQ activists as they seek to live out their deeply held convictions.

That’s why I’m humbly asking for your support in the final weeks of 2022. We must raise $400,000 by the end of the month to continue pushing back against the Biden agenda in 2023.

Who will stand up to this insidious assault on the children of America? With your help, we will!

I’m betting that enough people will believe his lies, his fear-mongering, and his ‘doomsday’ scenario about the “assault on the children” that he won’t have any trouble getting that $400,000 … most will come from people who work hard every day trying to pay their bills and put food on the table, and Perkins will have no remorse, for he is not a good man.  He is a bigot inside and out, so much so that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has listed Perkins’ group as an “anti-LGBTQ hate group” whose “false claims about the LGBT community based on discredited research and junk science” in an effort to block LGBTQ civil rights have led to violence.  And what, I wonder, does he think his $400,000 will buy?  Does he think he will reverse the law with it?  Will he pay members of Congress to vote to strike down or reverse the law?  Or perhaps he’ll just pocket the money. Oh, and just as an aside, Mr. Perkins’ personal net worth is around $200 million.  Seems if he needs funding, he could write himself a check.

It will be poetic justice when one day, one of his five children comes to him and says, “Dad, I’ve got something to tell you … I’m gay.”

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  1. I’ve seen that meme floating around the internet – 1942 in America. But that Koolaid drinking evangelical is horrifying. And it’s people like him who keep passing the Koolaid on to half of America. Sad and frightening. 😦 xx

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    • What I find truly disgusting is that people are so gullible … they will believe that they should fear ‘other’ and that their own rights will be taken from them by Muslims, LGBTQ, Blacks, and others who don’t look and think precisely as they do. And then, those gullible minds that have been fed a steady diet of lies, will vote for and support people like Perkins, McCarthy, and others who feed their fears with more lies. Sigh. xx

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    • Hmmm … you’re right … I hadn’t thought about that aspect. I would say, though, that it would force the parent to decide whether his/her love for their child takes precedence over religious ideology.

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    • yes, the mess is the control these people want and unfortunately have over other people who allow themselves to be controled in such ways, whether it’s compelling them to send money or believe or behave in certain ways. This doesn’t just apply to religious people but to other groups as well, politicians being the next logical assumption.

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    • True. The question then becomes, does the parent’s viewpoint, his belief (if in fact it is a belief and not just a talking point) override his love for his child, or is his love for his child stronger than his religious beliefs?

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  2. this is a disgusting letter and I personally don’t care who the hell marries who. But let me play devils advocate as I am so fond of doing and ask you the following question.
    If I were to say that I believed that marriage were to be between a man an a woman exclusively, would just the words themselves make me a biggot or make he a heteful person?
    Obviuosy I don’t believe this but I’m asking as a thought experiment.

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    • To answer your question, it is the intent behind the words, the viewpoint that enables you to say those words, that in my view tells me you are a bigot. Does it make you a bigot? I have no idea, but my perception of you is based on the words you say, and if you say that, then I see you as being bigoted against LGBTQ people. That’s as honest an answer as I can give you, Scott.

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  3. First, — these religious money-grabbers will use ANY cause/reason/excuse to add to their coffers. (Ohhh look! Did you see that shiny new jet that’s just been released???)

    Second — their only concern about the law being a “tremendous blow to religious freedom in America” is because it takes away some of their power to “shame” people into following their outdated religious concepts.

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  5. Jill, Mr. Perkins has no standing on the issue. He is entitled to his own opinion, but it matters not since he personally is not impacted by the law. I recall when Loving v. VA was settled in the Supreme Court in the 1960s, allowing different races to be married, it was not the popular consensus in the land. But, the SCOTUS vote was 9 to 0 in favor of allowing such marriages. Keith

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    • I fully agree, but he seems to think he does, and I bet he convinces a number of his followers that he does.

      Speaking of the Loving ruling … there is also talk about reversing that, though the RFMA should put that to bed. But I wonder if the current SCOTUS would actually be so ignorant and cruel as to vote to strike it down? Especially Justice Clarence Thomas!

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      • Jill, if Loving v VA was reversed, it this would rank as one of the most inane decisions ever made. Last time I looked, about 1 in 7 married folks in the US are in an interracial marriage, but that statistic is dated. My guess is the percentage is higher now. I find it interesting that many TV commercials and ads use interracial couples to sell product, so that tells you that people selling products do not see it as a problem. Keith

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        • I agree … it would be ludicrous and I hope it doesn’t even come up for consideration. It would open a can of worms that … would divide this country even further than it already is. The same is true for Obergefell v Hodges … it would tear this nation in two if the Court attempted to reverse it. Let us hope that common sense prevails.

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  7. Yet another mini-Trump, asking for donations without saying how they will be used. Another man trying to use the bible to take money out of the mouths of the poor and give it to the rich, meaning himself.
    You have said it before but I will say it again, what other people do to express their love for someone does not affect anyone unless they want it to affect them, and even then it is only in their minds where it can affect them.
    All this talk about “natural” or “biblical” marriage is just do much toilet filler. No matter what society you look at, or what period of history, there are always people who love others of the same gender/sex as they. Why else would the writers of the bible even mention it? They wanted control in times historic even as people like Mr. Perkins want it now.
    If he had the guts to admit it he is probably a homosexual himself, but too afraid to be seen as gay. Guys especially are like that.

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  8. Hey Sis! Great post!! I must say that the image is perfect to set the tone for this post. It sucks that history keeps repeating itself. People should be able to love who they love and be representative of that love without government interference or be a target for hate groups. The POTUS should not have to sign a bill for people’s private lives to be respected…this world is so far gone, but I’ll still keep fighting. Big Hugs and loves! Thank you for putting this asshat & his group on blast.

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