‘There’s no such thing as them. There’s only us.’

Blogging friend Andrea asks that “if you watch only one video today, please make it this one.” I second her request. This video confirms something I’ve been saying for years … it gives us a perspective that we often forget about as we are so wrapped up in our own lives. Thank you, Andrea, for sharing this one. EVERYONE should see it!

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If you watch only one video today, please, make it this one:


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25 thoughts on “‘There’s no such thing as them. There’s only us.’

  1. Inspirational, of course. But it’s going to take more than an inspirational presentation to change the way many of the people on this planet act and live.

    Further, what I personally see is not so much our need to work together, but rather, our need to recognize (and accept) that we are so totally insignificant when it comes to the BIG picture. As I pointed out in a post sometime back, we can’t even see human beings on the ground from an airplane, let alone from space. Yet we strut around and push out our chests and spout our superiority as though we have control over the entire Universe!

    If ALL of use would TRULY recognize our frailty in the big scheme of things, maybe … MAYBE … we could learn to work together … and help each other. But I’m not holding my breath.

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    • Oh I know, but maybe a few people, upon seeing this, would stop and think, stop and realize that the petty issues we fight about today have no relevance, but are destructive nonetheless. Perhaps a few would realize that we are inter-connected, whether we like it or not, that we ARE all on this planet together, that at the end of the day, what country you live in doesn’t matter one whit. Sigh. Humans are not the superior species they think they are.

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      • I hate to say it, but … Dream on. I think you would agree that there’s a segment of folks on this planet who are unwilling –and perhaps even incapable— of seeing the big picture.

        But I DO share your aspirations!!

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        • Yes, I would definitely agree, and … no, I don’t suppose I do hold any real hope for the future of humans, but the planet will survive and will come back to support other life forms, perhaps ones that are more deserving than humans. Sigh.

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    • Hi, Michael,
      I would not use the word “informative” as much as a call to see reality. We already know we have just one home, Planet Earth, or Spaceship Earth. Our, humanity’s, problem is that too many of us only care about the part they can see, sometimes the part they can know about.
      The internet should have opened our eyes to how small Earth really is, but instead it makes some people narrow their focus, and put blinders on their vision. Instead of seeing the totality of the world, they shudder and look at only the walls around them.And there are so many walls, if you choose to see them.
      We need to see reality, one planet, one life.
      Earth = Life. And that IS Reality!

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    • My pleasure, Michael! I think it puts our lives into perspective. The weekend was c-c-cold!!! But, we got our Christmas tree put up and decorated, the girls did a bit of wrapping, and it was overall a productive weekend. And now, I must finish up a bit of stocking shopping, then perhaps I can relax for a bit. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas week, dear friend! xx


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