The Blame Game

Our friend Keith is tired of the people we elect to do the “peoples’ business” wasting their time and our tax dollars playing the blame game, pointing fingers across the aisle to blame the ‘other side’ for their own failures. It’s time for We the Voters to wake up and understand that nothing of value gets done as long as our elected officials are acting like playground bullies. Thanks, Keith, for a timely assessment!


In our age of zero-sum politics, where one side must lose when the other side wins, the people who always tend to lose in these equations are the voters that put them there. Far too little gets done. Most legislators are too busy constantly running for office and blaming the other side to do what they were hired to do.

Quite simply, the “Blame Game” has to stop. Legislator, do your job, the one you were hired to do. When I see a legislator or wanna-be legislator online or TV and I hear the Blame Game start up, I turn it off. The other side is at fault for something.

I don’t want to hear it. What I want to hear is if that is a problem, what do you intend to do about it? Don’t just tell me why something is wrong or wrong in your mind, what is…

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10 thoughts on “The Blame Game

  1. Jill thanks. Annie, I would say Democrats are better stewards of the debt than Republicans actually are (as opposed to what they say they do), but I would say neither group are good stewards. Of course, this is only my opinion. I do look forward to your post and I can share a few more thoughts there. Many thanks to you both. Keith

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  2. The assertion about Democrats being poor stewards of the debt and deficit—though widely believed—is not accurate. I plan to revisit this issue soon. The greatest burden in years came from the Trump tax cut.

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    • Finger-pointing, revenge, lies and more lies … sigh. They are on the campaign trail from the time they take their Oath of office, and campaigning these days means promoting hatred and being vindictive. This is NOT what we elected them to do and it is NOT what we’re paying them to do! Sigh. I’m afraid I have no faith that the new year will be any better … if anything, it’s likely to be even more toxic.

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        • The Republicans have already shown they play to spend the next two years creating chaos and wreaking havoc. They play to impeach President Biden at least twice … not, mind you, for anything he’s done, but as retaliation for Trump being twice-impeached. They plan to torment people like the good Dr. Anthony Fauci with ‘criminal’ investigations, and just stir every pot they can find. It’s going to be noisy, non-productive, and dangerous, I fear. But alas … it sometimes makes me thankful that I am old, though I do fear for those I leave behind.

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