The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

Point made.

10 thoughts on “INSANITY!!!

  1. Jill, I left messages with my Democrat Congressman Jeff Jackson, GOP congressmen Steve Scalise and Patrick McHenry and Kevin McCarthy. The message is for McCarthy to take his name out of consideration, let more moderate candidates get considered and for Democrats to play a hand in helping, I also says we need someone to galvanize us not carry a gas can as the MAGA folks want. Keith

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    • Good on you, Keith! I have to wonder, though, if there ARE any moderate Republicans left in the House? Robert Reich says he thinks there are around 40, and he named David Jolly as his pick. There seems to be a big gas can just waiting for someone to pour it on the embers …


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    • Time after time after time, and the results are the exact same!!! McCarthy and the 20 who don’t vote for him are apparently willing to bring our government to a screeching halt to feed their own egos. BAH HUMBUG!

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