30 thoughts on “Two Years Ago Today …

  1. Meanwhile, Bolsinaro is hiding out at Merda-lago, while he had his henchmen perform a replica of this treason in Brazil. Is that what is now meant by America being the beacon of the world – monkey see, monkey do. It’s all so horrendous! 😦 ❀

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    • I know! Sometimes it seems like only yesterday, I can remember it so vividly, and then other times it seems a lifetime ago. Rather like 9/11 … I can still remember my thoughts when I got out of my car at work that morning, about 3 hours before the first plane crashed, and I can remember everything I did, everyone I spoke to that day. And that was 22 years ago! Yes, the madness continues and will for AT LEAST the next two years. I don’t think I can survive this!

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    • I know just what you mean … sometimes it’s hard to click “Like” to a well-written post about an awful topic. The collection of pictures came from NPR, and I considered adding a few of the more gory ones, but … I thought these were enough and said it all. Sigh.

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  3. Jill, thanks for the pictures. The noose says it all. Many insurrectionists have been found guilty and many have gone to jail and/ or been fined. And, with only a few exceptions, there has been remorse.

    But, now it is time to hold accountable the former president and his appointed sycophants for their active role in the insurrection. More than a few Republicans testified under oath and at great risk to speak of the former president’s role. Some were coerced by the former president’s attorneys to alter their testimony. This is obstruction of justice.

    We must hold him and others accountable. If we do not, then what stops the next president from committing sedition? He is also likely to face charges in Georgia for trying to coerce election fraud. From what I read, there is likely a good case against the former president.

    But, I would like to substitute another word in the equation. Sedition is a bad word, but it is too kind to the former president. I think we should call what he did by a better word – “traitorous.” Our country was already at odds with itself, fueled by misinformation and disinformation from within and outside our borders, but because of the former president, he has violated his oath to protect us. He is the cause of more insurrection and division.

    At least, this is the opinion of an independent and former Republican and Democrat voter. Keith

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    • Thanks, Keith. We cannot allow this date, the attempt to overthrow our voices, to fade into obscurity, for the efforts from within to undo our democratic foundations continues to this day. Yes, many have been found guilty and are serving prison terms, but many more have been given naught but a slap on the wrist. And worst of all, the plotters are so far skating free … the John Eastmans, Rudy Giulianis, Steve Bannons, Sydney Powells, and most of all Donald Trumps, have not paid for their crimes, leaving them free to continue to plot the demise of democracy.

      I FULLY AGREE with you on calling what Trump did on January 6th and in the days leading up to it treason! I’ve long said that, but others argued that no, it didn’t quality as treason, only sedition. In my book, it was and always will be treason. The mere thought that his name could actually be on the ballot in 2024 makes my blood boil! He … and his sycophants … could care less about the people of this nation, and could care less about the state of the nation 50 years from now … all that matters to him is his own ego, his wealth and status. As his niece Mary said, he will burn it all down for his own interests.


      • PS – And now Bolsonaro followers have emulated the Trump followers and invaded their government. The Trump legacy must include teaching others it is more than fine to have so shallow an ego that you can pitch a fit when you lose. Bolsonaro and Trump are two peas in an very toddleresque pod. Keith

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        • I was keeping close tabs on that situation throughout the late afternoon and evening! I had the same thoughts as you … I’ve always said that Bolsonaro and Trump were two peas in a pod and that Bolsonaro attempted to emulate Trump in as many ways as he could. This proves that point, for sure. It was eerily like watching a replay of January 6th!


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