Fools Rush In

Well, friends, Kevin McCarthy got his wish … it took him four full days and 15 ballots, but he is Speaker of the House of Representatives … for now.  But here’s the thing … in order to get the necessary votes, he made numerous deals, promises, compromises and gave away some things that were not his to give.  For all who voted Republican last year or in 2020, I don’t want to hear a damn word of complaint later this year when the prices of food and fuel skyrocket, when the economy tanks, and Social Security & Medicare are on the chopping block, all because Kevin made a ‘deal’ not to allow the debt ceiling to be raised.  They asked for it, they got it.  Now it’s theirs to own.

In the end, Kevin McCarthy’s greatest legacy will be that he is a coward, a sell-out, and that he had a larger-than-life role in the attempt to bring down democracy and silence the voices of the people of this nation.

And that’s really about all I have to say that’s printable at this moment.  Let the circus commence.

40 thoughts on “Fools Rush In

  1. What a shameful display of government that show was. McCrappy may be the Speaker, but his hands are tied and he handed all the power to his party of evil. I hope America can scathe by these next two years of chaos and nothing constructive to come. 😦 xx

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  2. Nothing surprises me anymore about US politics. The political system where anybody including the idiots are able to get into a position that wields as much or more power than a sitting president is totally broken.

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    • I am anticipating the worst over the coming year, but still somehow hoping for better. We are definitely heading into fascist territory, and the foundation of democracy will be put to the test.


  3. I don’t trust McCarthy. If he is willing to sell his soul for whatever power the Speaker’s Chair gives him, then he will be willing to sell a lot of other things — he has no soul to sell.
    He should have dropped out of the race after the 3rd ballot. But then, he is a politician, whatever that counts for!

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  4. Jill, although I am not a huge fan of Nancy Pelosi, this is a definite step down in House Speaker leadership. McCarthy has missed too many opportunities to be the leader we needed him to be for his party and country. In his one moment of clarity, he spoke out against Donald Trump blaming him for the insurrection two years ago, but he proceeded to erase that when called on the carpet in Mar-a-Lago later that month.

    With fewer truth tellers in the party, since many were run off, I worry about the ability to rein in the more extremists in the party. McCarthy will be challenged to do so, as he has his own battle with the truth. So, given the focus to have investigative committees and not actually govern concerns me. I am a big believer in the need to deal with the debt, but the tactic of defaulting on debt is not the way to go. My Republican friends seem to only care about the debt when not in the White House. While neither party is good at it, ironically most debt reduction tactics have been done by Democrats which runs counter to the narrative Republicans like to spout. Keith

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    • Agreed. McCarthy cares about one person and one person only — himself. He is not a leader, but an aristocrat, although not a particularly wealthy one. He is not interested in governing, but rather in revenge and retaliation. Quite frankly, he sickens me and will NEVER fill Nancy Pelosi’s shoes. People may have not liked Pelosi, but she made government work, she knew how to get things done. And she was respected, even by those who think women don’t belong in government.

      My biggest concern right now is that the debt ceiling will need to be raised or suspended by late summer, and McCarthy has promised he would refuse to do so. This would be worse than a government shut-down, for it would lead to people on Social Security not receiving their checks, and many of us depend on those checks, which we already earned, to survive. It seems to me that the entirety of the Republican Party is focused on destroying democracy in the U.S. But there are also other areas that McCarthy is concerning and I think we are in for two years of a living hell. Sigh.


      • Jill, I am big believer in dealing with the debt and deficit, but defaulting on loans is not the best tactical time to do it. People invest in the US as we pay our bills. Neither party are doing a good job on this issue, but it is ironic that the Democrats are the ones who deal with the deficit more often than the Republicans, but the messaging of the GOP is just the opposite. This dates back to Bill Clinton handing a surplus budget to George W. Bush who proceeded to lower taxes and make it a deficit budget over the objections of his Treasury Secretary who he fired.

        We should also not forget that the GOP led December, 2017 tax cut hit the debt by about $2 trillion over ten years (more if extended), and when the economy was doing pretty well, we failed to pay down any of the debt. The most major debt reduction, though was done when the Dems and Reps decided on a fall back sequestration plan of cuts if they could not reach a consensus. They could not and the sequestration went into effect.

        The last time we had a debt crisis was when Senator Ted Cruz held the country hostage causing a shutdown for about two weeks. It was resolved by ten bipartisan female senators who told Cruz and others to get out of the pool so the adults could fix the problem and the US not default on its debts. Keith

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        • It seems to me that for a party that bills itself as being ‘fiscally conservative’, they sure aren’t very good managers of the purse! I think we must hope at this point that the cooler heads, if any such exist within the GOP, prevail and refuse to plunge the nation into a socio-economic catastrophe this summer. By then, perhaps those cooler heads will have seen enough of McCarthy and the “Freedom Caucus” and their antics to be willing to stand firm, to go against McCarthy and the Freedom Caucus and consider the best interests of the country.

          You mention how female senators stepped up to the plate to fix the problem the last time we had a similar debt crisis. I was doing some research the other night, and the House has the most women it has ever had before, even Republicans. Of course, those include the likes of Boebert and Greene, so I’m not sure how meaningful those statistics are at this point. Still, it is good seeing the GOP finally open its doors a bit wider.

          Gonna be an interesting ride this year, my friend. Buckle up!


  5. I hear the death knell of American Democracy where cowards make deals with evil plotters to sell their Country to the hghest paying Autocrat who once they own America will dismantle it piecemeal.The plotters will then claim to have been Patriots acting in the best interests of the people, though which people they won’t disclose.

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