Hakeem Jeffries — Man Of The Hour

While the Republicans played games and conducted a three-ring circus from Tuesday until the wee hours on Saturday morning, finally doing just what we expected all along by electing Kevin McCarthy as the Speaker of the House after 15 ballots, the Democrats remained consistent, staying for all 15 ballots and voting unanimously for the House Minority Leader, Hakeem Jeffries.  Nancy Pelosi left a pair of mighty big shoes to fill, but while I do not know a lot about Mr. Jeffries, from what I’ve seen he will do a good job at filling those shoes as the House Minority Leader.  His speech on Saturday, after House members had taken their oaths of office, was inspired and inspiring, and in some ways his demeanor and passion reminded me of President Obama.  He is passionate and I believe he will fight hard to work with the majority Republicans in the House, without sacrificing the values he speaks of.  His job for the next two years will not be an easy one, and he will no doubt sometimes be discouraged as he tries to work with a group of people whose values, or lack thereof, differ greatly from his own, from ours.  But if anybody can survive it and make a difference, I think Hakeem Jeffries can.  Take a look for yourself … what do you think?

23 thoughts on “Hakeem Jeffries — Man Of The Hour

  1. I just love him. I knew a few years ago that he was the best candidate to step into Nancy’s shoes! Yay for Hakeem! I think him and Stacy Abrams are fine presidential material for the future! ❤

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    • PS – By the way, it is frustrating when the media uses the wrong references to members of the Congressional GOP. Members referred to as Conservative are actually extremely Conservative while moderate Conservatives are ultra-Conservative. There are only a few moderate Conservatives left in the House, with only a few more in the Senate. As a former Republican and now Independent, most of the party is toeing the ultra-Conservative line, which is another reason the party is adrift in my view. Keith

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  3. I’ve been most impressed with Rep. Jeffries, whose ascension to leadership I regard as one of Nancy Pelosi’s most important closing decisions as Speaker. He’s already demonstrated the necessary combination of openness and toughness he’ll need against the implacable Rs—and I’ve no doubt he’ll be a wise, sharp opponent for the hapless hollow McCarthy. I loved his alphabetical rhetoric.

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    • Agreed … I think Nancy P has been preparing him for this day for a long time. Someday he will be the Speaker, and I think he’ll do just fine! Meanwhile, he will be facing some tough times this year and next, and I hope it doesn’t discourage him too much. Oh yes, it took me a minute to realize he was going through the alphabet, but it was a stroke of genius!


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