Jolly Monday With Bacon!

Well, the holidays are behind us and we can get back to the routine now!  The dreary winter routine, that is, for spring is quite a ways off yet.  However, here at Jolly’s house, it doesn’t matter what the weather outside is, for it’s always warm and welcoming with good food an plenty of humour inside!  So, grab a cuppa nice hot coffee (or tea) and a snack from the buffet over there and we’ll share some of that humour with you!

Since we dinna have any bacon for a couple of weeks, I made LOTS ‘N LOTS of it this week!

Let’s kick off the morning with just a few puns …

And on to the ‘toons!!!

Jolly ‘n Joyful popped over to Phil’s Phun yesterday and found a few funny memes …

This one’s for you, Clive!!!

And as always, we have a funny critter video to share with you today … Jolly found this one …

Well my friends, the time has come for us to get on with whatever tasks we need to accomplish today.  Mine is to throw a bunch of fresh veggies, some ground beef and herbs into the crockpot so we can have a nice warm dinner of Pasta E Fagioli soup tonight, along with some French bread.  You guys are welcome to drop in if you’re in the neighborhood around 6:30!  Then, I’ve got laundry and all the usual stuff.  We hope you have a good week ahead … keep safe & warm, and be sure to share your smiles this week, ‘k?  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

47 thoughts on “Jolly Monday With Bacon!

  1. an amazing and utterly funny collection – thank you so much. i laughed helplessly, because every one is SO good! although I don’t know of which bacon everybody is talking. did i miss something?
    thanks a million for this truly uplifting monday evening over here!

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  3. Oh, the “Don’t Try This At Home” is hysterical, partly because of her facial expression. That reminds me of a friend of mine who, when asked by his wife if the dress made her look fat, replied, “No, the FAT makes you look fat.” He’s still living, far as I know. Thanks, Joyful, for all the bacon! 😋

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    • Yeah, I had to laugh at that one, too! So, you say your friend is still alive, which is good, but is he still married? Joyful says “you’re welcome!!!” Glad you enjoyed Jolly Monday and we hope you have a great week ahead!

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    • A lot of people seem to have trouble moving past the bacon!!! I’m glad you enjoyed your bacon sandwich, but did you ever move past the bacon to the ‘toons, or are you saving those for tomorrow when the bacon’s all gone? 🤣


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