One Final Experiment With AI

A few days ago I posted about my experiment with Artificial Intelligence and concluded that it’s not something I have any desire to use.  But, since I had a 5-day free trial, I figured I’d play around with it just a bit for kicks.  David wondered what it would give me if I asked it to write a ‘good people’ post for me, so I asked it to …

Write a blog post about good people doing good things

And this is what it gave me …

In today’s world, it can be easy to get caught up in the negative news stories and forget all of the good people out there who are doing great things. We often hear about all of the bad going on around us, but we don’t always take time to recognize those individuals who have taken it upon themselves to make a difference in their communities and beyond. From everyday acts of kindness to extraordinary feats that change lives, there are countless examples of good people doing good things everywhere. In this blog post, we’ll highlight some inspiring stories from around the world that will remind you just how powerful one person can be when they decide to make a positive impact.In the midst of all the chaos and negativity in the world, it’s easy to forget about those who are making a positive difference. Whether it’s through small acts of kindness or greater efforts that have an impact on many lives, there are countless stories of good people doing good things everywhere. This blog post will highlight some inspiring examples from around the world that prove just how powerful one person can be when they choose to make a positive contribution to their community and beyond. From single individuals taking action for causes close to their heart, to groups working together towards a common goal – these stories show us what is possible when we come together with love and compassion as our driving force. So let’s take a moment to recognize these amazing individuals and celebrate the power of human connection!

  1. Introduce the story of a good person who has done something remarkable
  2. Describe why their actions are inspiring and how they have impacted others
  3. Provide examples of how this individual has made a positive difference in their community, country or even the world at large
  4. Explain what we can learn from this person’s example and how it could help us make our own contributions to society
  5. Conclude by emphasizing that one person can make a powerful impact when they choose to do something for the greater good with love and compassion as their driving force

Ummmm … not quite as inspiring as reading about an actual person or people doing good things for others, is it?  Perhaps I should have been more specific?  Hmmmm … so next I asked it to …

Write a blog post about Republicans vs Democrats

And the result was …

The two main political parties in the United States are the Republican and Democratic Parties. Republicans are generally associated with conservative values, such as reduced government spending, lower taxes, and stricter immigration laws. Democrats tend to advocate for more progressive policies like increased social services spending and environmental protections.

Both parties have their strong supporters and detractors, but there is no denying that each party has a distinct set of beliefs that sets them apart from one another. While both believe in democracy and capitalism, Republicans often prioritize fiscal responsibility while Democrats are known to be proponents of social justice initiatives. Furthermore, when it comes to foreign policy, Republicans typically take a more hawkish approach than Democrats do.

One major area of disagreement between the two parties is taxation. Republicans generally advocate for lower taxes, while Democrats tend to support progressive taxation systems that raise taxes on wealthier individuals. Similarly, the two parties hold opposing views when it comes to spending. Republicans are typically in favor of austerity measures and reducing public services, while Democrats believe in investing more resources into social welfare programs and infrastructure projects.

On the environment, Republicans often oppose regulations aimed at curbing climate change. In contrast, most Democrats are fully behind implementing policies that ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. From immigration to healthcare reform, there is no shortage of issues where the Republican and Democratic parties differ significantly from one another.

The differences between these two unique political ideologies can be seen across all aspects of American life. Ultimately, the choice of party affiliation is an individual one, and often based on a person’s core beliefs. As time passes, both parties are consistently working to address the issues that matter most to American citizens. In this way, Republicans and Democrats continue to challenge each other in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for the country as a whole.

No matter which side of the aisle you may be on, it is important to recognize that both parties ultimately have shared goals—namely, delivering a better life for all Americans. Working together towards these common objectives is essential if we want to see continued progress made in our society. After all, no one political ideology has all of the answers; it’s only through mutual respect and dialogue that we can arrive at the solutions that will truly benefit our nation as a whole.

Okay, that’s a pretty fair assessment of the two parties, or of the way they were a few years back, anyway, but it lacks that personal touch, lacks fire.  Still, a decent primer for someone who genuinely doesn’t know what the two parties, at least in theory, stand for.

I did one final experiment with it that I probably won’t bother to post, and now my free trial has run out.  My conclusion is that … it may be factually smarter than I am, but it lacks the personal touch that I think sets each of our blogs apart.  So, rather than spend $490 to let this AI thing do my work for me, I shall just keep writing my own posts, for better or for worse!

31 thoughts on “One Final Experiment With AI

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  3. Hmm…I must admit I’m impressed. Does the AI read your previous posts as part of the setup procedure? Or do you have to provide specific prompts above and beyond that first one? Does it give you multiple takes from which you choose the one you like the best?
    Apart from those questions though, the thing I noticed most was the…generic quality of the writing. If I were teaching a certain kind of writing, I’d classify all of that as a rather bloated ‘intro’. The actual substance seems to be missing. Or maybe that’s just me being biased and picky?

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    • Nope … all the information I gave it was the instructions I showed here, to write a post about ______________. And it didn’t have access to my previous posts. No multiple takes … just what you saw here. Yeah, the generic, non-emotional take was what turned me off. I write from the heart (and research), my posts necessarily reflect my views and passions, and I don’t think AI can ever duplicate that. No, my friend, you aren’t being biased and picky! I felt the exact same. My concern is high school and university students using AI as a shortcut rather than actually putting their brains to use.

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      • Two peas in a pod, Jill. And yes, I hadn’t even thought of AI in the context of students. A human examiner would probably notice the generic quality of the writing straight away, but what if the examiner becomes an AI too?
        I think we have another painful transition coming up. :/

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        • I am not convinced that a human examiner would notice the difference, at least not right off. I only taught college for two semesters, but I found that teachers don’t always pay as much attention to student papers as they probably should … time and energy constraints. So, I imagine some could easily get by with it. Another painful transition???

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  4. that was a good overview of the political parties, and I liked the comic strip at the end. ChatGPT is something we are keeping a close on at our school. I just heard Microsoft will be supporting this technology…

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    • It was a pretty decent overview, but it lacked … something. It reads rather like something you might find in the encyclopedia. I wondered if students were already starting to let the computer do such things as term papers for them. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time … people will spend more time trying to find a way around doing something than they would have spent just doing it. I taught college for two semesters and decided that I wasn’t cut out for it! Good to see you, Jim … it’s been a while! Hope all is well?


  5. Interestingly I read an article today about a person creating a tool that can tell if an AI wrote an essay. These AI devices are going to be helping a lot of kids try to cut corners in school I’m afraid!

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    • Yes, I just saw mention of that program yesterday, too! That’s my biggest concern, that kids will use them for term papers and such rather than actually using their brain. Between that and our sub-standard education system these days, the next generation will have failed to learn to think for themselves.

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  6. Filosofa’s Word has good people posts every Wednesday. As for AI, nothing bad but will never be great. Are you a paid WP? I haven’t been offered a free trial AI writer yet. I have some good ideas on how to test it.
    Love the Doonesbury.

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