Jolly, Joyful Monday!

Good Jolly Monday morn, my friends!  Come in out of the cold, warm your hands by the fire … oh wait, we don’t have a fireplace.  So, how was your weekend?  Ours was cold, but we did make a trip to the bookstore and Fresh Market yesterday, which was kind of nice, considering I almost never get out of the house these days.  I’m not sure what Joyful has on the buffet this morning, for she said she was planning to keep it simple today, but let’s go see, and then we’ll find some fun to start this week off on the right foot, okay?

I forgot last week, but I found these fun bacon-themed humour that I thought you guys might enjoy — especially the bacon lovers among you …

Jolly ‘n Joyful found some funny animal memes over at Phil’s place they want to share with you …

And now for some ‘toons!!!

And finally, our funny animal video of the week!  This one’s a little longer than most (8 minutes), but so full of fun that I couldn’t resist it!

Well, friends, we’ve enjoyed our time with you and we’re sad to see you go, but we’ll get together again next Monday!  Meanwhile, we hope you have a wonderful week ahead.  Keep safe and warm, and please remember to share the smiles wherever you go!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Joyful and Jolly!

33 thoughts on “Jolly, Joyful Monday!

  1. Oh, the ordering pizza toon sounds so like Kevin and I. Except he asks me to make the decision, I do, and then he looks sad cause he wanted the other. Every. Time. But I love him anyway… Happy Monday friend!!

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    • 🤣🤣 It also sounds very much like our household! Since the beginning of the pandemic, we order carryout from one of the other of our favourite restaurants most Saturdays. Nobody can ever make a decision, and I usually end up being the one who says, “Okay, let’s get Red Robin this week”, and I can tell by their faces whether it was a good or bad choice! Happy Monday to you as well, dear Emily!


  2. Jill, too funny. Picking two, I love the New Year’s Eve celebration at the nursing home. Sounds like my kind of party. And, the angels not seeing any teleevangelists in heaven is priceless. I mean what do they need heaven for, they have six homes and ten cars and two airplanes. Keitg

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    • Yep, that’s my kind of party, too! 15 minutes and I’m ready to leave! And the televangelist one was just too funny not to use! Happy Monday and I hope you have a good week ahead, my friend!


    • I’m glad you found something to smile about … Jolly, Joyful and I try our best! 2 cards??? Well, wasn’t it you who said the postal service is overwhelmed with extra mail because of your birthday?

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    • Awwww … I’m sorry you didn’t get to hug your pillow, for I know how you love to spend a weekend doing just that. Yes, the news about the war is heartbreaking and it does mess with our mood. But heck, if you are getting something accomplished like renovating your library, then that’s a good thing! Next would you please come renovate my kitchen? xx


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