Just Another Jolly ‘N Joyful Monday

Good Monday morning, friends … c’mon in from the cold!  Just leave your boots in the hallway there and Jolly will shake the snow off of them and set them over by the heat register to dry.  A “dusting to an inch” they said!  HAH!!!  There’s a good six inches out there!  I was surprised that none of the neighbor kids built a snowman yesterday.  ‘Twould have been a good day for a snowball fight!  Anyway … Joyful thought it was a good day for soup and bread, so let’s go see what’s on the buffet and then see what fun things we found to start the week out with a smile, a chuckle, or maybe even a laugh!

We have loads of fun for you today, so while you’re enjoying your soup and nice steaming beverage, let’s take a look at some cute animal pictures …

Signs, signs, signs … some leave you scratching your head, and others bring an immediate laugh …

And on to some cartoons that Jolly’s been collecting this week …

Time for a cute/funny animal video … let’s see what we can find today …

Y’know, I’ve been thinking.  I’ve long said that if I get the chance, I will return to earth as a wolf, for I’ve long thought of the wolf as my ‘spirit animal’, but I think I might prefer to return as a bear.  Why, you ask?  Bears get to hibernate in warm caves and sleep all winter, while wolves do not hibernate and are out prowling for food even in sub-zero temperatures.  Right about now, hibernating in a warm, dark cave sounds better than roaming the frozen tundra in search of food!  Anyway … the time has come for us to say goodbye, but only for a little while.  We hope you enjoyed your visit this morning, and please share those lovely smiles with others who seem to need one of their own.  Keep safe and warm, and have a wonderful week!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly and Joyful!

41 thoughts on “Just Another Jolly ‘N Joyful Monday

      • Yep. Kangaroos are a problem because their panic reaction (as a prey species) is to jump erratically ‘away’ from a perceived threat. Camels are simply a big, feral, animal in parts of the outback, similar size to moose (but no horns).

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        • So, in trying to flee the threat, they jump right into it, eh? Australia is one of the places I would have most liked to visit, but at nearly 72 years of age, I’ve accepted that it probably won’t happen.


  1. Bears sleep alone all winter, and momma bears wake up to crying kids they bever know they give birth to (though I guess women would love that part!)
    Wolves, on the other hand, not only hunt in packs, they sleep in packs, do they are never alone. I’d stick to coming back as a wolf.
    Meanwhile, an ostrich with 18 babies being a single parent? Not nice at all… And she can’t even fly away for a quick nap…

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    • I think that perhaps I wouldn’t mind being alone. Warm. And … I’m not sure I’m the right one to give you a lesson in the birds and the bees, but if I sleep alone in my nice, warm cave, there won’t be any hungry cubs when I waken in the spring. I think it’s called “It takes two to tango” or some such thing. Right now, warm, dark, and alone sounds okay. And I don’t know where you got the ostrich … I never even mentioned them!


              • Certainly does sound like a lot of humans. But imagine if every guy did that? Most animals do that. Love’m and leave’m. Yet some animals evolved beyond that. And others?
                Smokey was the best damn father kittens could ask for because he was there for his kids. In all my life I had only once had both parents of a feline family, and the other time ended in disaster when the mom had to have a Caesarian birth, and she rejected the babies completely. The dad tried to help but the mom said something to him and he gave up. My wife and I tried to feed them but both having jobs to attend to we could not be there all the time to protect them. We think the mother smothered them somehow.
                But Diabola was a wonderful mother and where Smokey learned to be a helpful attentive loving dad we will never know. But he knew what he was doing. He bathed the babies, carried them around, and played with them. When they moved to new homes Diabola was relieved, but Smokey was devastated. He moped for weeks, looking for them, calling them. He never forgave us for sending his children away.
                But that is the aberration. Most males in the animal kingdom don’t even know they have kids. Most birds, on the other hand, are all about family. Yet their dinosaur ancestors layed eggs in the sandy soil, and not even mommy cared if they lived or died!
                As for Smokey and Diabola, before the kids opened their eyes, mommy and daddy would carry them onto the bed during the day, and surround them with their feet touching to make a big circle, and let the kids crawl around safely under their watchful loving eyes. What could be more cute!

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                • Remember my story about the two gay penguins, both males, who raised baby penguins from egg to adolescence? Our current “batch” includes Pandi, the mother of three, who would fight them every chance she got, so she is permanently (and happily) confined to my bedroom after Natasha required stitches and antibiotics from trying to break up a fight! Like humans, they all have personalities … sometimes wonderful, other times maybe not so much!


                    • That’s Miss Goose’s title! And she goes up twice every day and spends an hour with Pandi, patting & snuggling, reading to her, etc. Pandi likes me okay, but she loves Goose! She cannot stand Chris, for Chris is the one who took her to the vet when she was ill, and anytime Chris even pops her head into my room, Pandi hisses viciously, then scurries under the bed.


                    • Poor Pandi. Even poorer Chris. I know what it is like to be hated by a cat. Gail had a cat named Dakota when I moved in with her, and Dakota was jealous that suddenly she had to share Gail’s attention with me. She hissed and clawed at me for years… Until Gail went away on a separate vacation. Dakota pouted for two weeks before curling up on my lap one day because she was dying for human attention. But when Gail came home 2 days later, she reverted to her old self, hating me, and telling me the affection she gave me was all a lie!
                      Dakota lived to be 25 years old. She died peacefully in Gail’s embrace. What a ice way to die!

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                    • Cats are so … human sometimes! Pandi overall seems content. At night, she sleeps curled up around my legs, unless it’s hot, then she sleeps at the foot of the bed. Dakota sounds much like our Tiger Lily! She is Goose’s cat and nobody else better come near, except if they are bringing food! 25 years! That’s a long time for a cat! I was thinking the other night about Pandi and Ollie … they are twins, though you’d never know it, since Ollie is the friendliest of all our cats, and they are … I can’t remember exactly, but I think around 13-14 years old, so I don’t expect them to be around much longer. That’s the only thing I hate about having furry family members … the heartbreak of losing them. Spooky died in my arms, too, all those many years ago … 💔


                    • They live too short lives, that is for sure. But what would we do without them. I think it was Dakota’s love for Gail, and her need to protect Gail from me that kept her going.

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