My Imagination Runs Amok …

It is early June, the crisis point on the debt ceiling has been reached, and word has come down from on high that “Nobody leaves the Capitol until there is agreement on raising the debt ceiling NOW!!!”  And so, the 435 representatives of the 50 states, tired and grumpy, are once again trying to hammer out a compromise that will at least appease both sides.  For the purpose of this conversation, there are only two voices – Republican and Democrat, shortened to Rep & Dem – representing all members of each party’s interest.

Dem:  Well, the problem is actually quite simple … putting it in layman’s terms for you, consider the family whose bills exceed their monthly income.  Now, they have a few choices:  take another or get a better-paying job to earn more money; reduce some expenses, cut back on non-essentials; or sell something for additional funds.  This is where the U.S. government is at.  Now, let’s talk about those three choices.

Rep:  I’ve been saying all along that we need to reduce expenses!  Those retired people are getting around $1,600 every month for sitting on their porch swings throwing peanuts out for the birds!  Cut that in half … they should have been smarter and saved while they were working!

Dem:  I’m not even gonna dignify that with a response!  Those old folks paid into Social Security all their lives on the promise by the U.S. government – US – that they would have a cushion for their old age.  You want to jerk that right out from under them?  I know you probably don’t pay the bills in your house or do the shopping, but let me tell you, $1,600 a month is nothing!

Rep:  Okay, okay, you bleeding heart liberal!  So, what’s your better idea, or do you just want to rebut mine?

Dem:  We increase revenue by … guess what … taxing your rich buddies!  Percentage-wise, they are paying less than your average working Joe, especially since the tax cuts your lying little buddy gave them in 2017!  Cut their loopholes, institute a fully gradient taxation schedule, and no exceptions!

Rep:  Oh no!!!  You start doing that, and our donor contributions will shrivel to nothing!  Absolutely NOT!  That idea is not even on the table!

Dem:  Alright, then … that leaves the third option:  we sell something.

Rep:  Like what … maybe the White House, complete with the president in it?  (laughs at his own joke)

Dem:  No, I’m thinking maybe … well look, we’ve got 50 states, right?  Personally, since it’s likely going to be underwater in ten years anyway, I’d opt for selling Florida.

Rep:  I knew you’d pick a red state to sell … just knew it!  Okay, let’s take a different approach and look at which state is smallest?  I’m thinking that would be Rhode Island, right?  Only about … let me look this up right quick … only 1,544 square miles!  We’d hardly even miss it!

Dem:  No way, Josè!  First, it may be the smallest in terms of land mass, but not of population.  Second, it is in the heart of the New England states … nobody is going to buy a state that’s surrounded on all sides by other states.  But, that brings to mind another possibility, one that you might even agree to.  Alaska!  Alaska has the fourth smallest population, only 724,357 people, and it isn’t even physically attached to the U.S., but rather to Canada!  Why, I bet we could make Justin Trudeau an offer he couldn’t refuse and he’d snap it up in a heartbeat!

Rep:  Well … I dunno.  That would increase your majority in the Senate by two.

Dem:  And it would increase your majority here in the House by one.  And what, really, does Alaska contribute to the national good?

Rep:  Hey, there’s oil under all that snow and ice!  OIL!!!

Dem:  And you know as well as I do that the future of oil is doomed.  You can deny it ‘til the cows come home, but climate science is real and oil is soon going to be a thing of the past as we move on toward more renewable, environmentally-friendly energy sources.  WAKE UP!

Rep:  Yeah, yeah … I know it and you know it, but I can’t tell my constituents that, for I’ve spent years convincing them that climate change is a Democratic hoax!  Why, I’d never get re-elected!  Not to mention I’d lose all those lovely donations from the fossil fuel industry.

Dem:  Okay, fine, whatever.  It’s after 2:00 a.m., we’re all tired, and we have a mandate to come to an agreement before we can go home and crawl into our beds, so … do we have an agreement?  We raise the debt ceiling, pay the bills and let the old folks keep on keeping on, and to make up the difference, we sell Alaska to the Canadians?

Rep:  I don’t much like it, but I sense it’s the best we’re going to manage, so … okay, deal.

They shake hands, and the deal is done. 

29 thoughts on “My Imagination Runs Amok …

  1. In my limited understanding of this whole situation, it seems to me the Republicans are talking about cutting back on future expenses … whereas the debt ceiling is the money the U.S. has already spent.


    The debt ceiling is the maximum amount that the U.S. government can borrow by issuing bonds. – The Treasury Department must find other ways to pay expenses when the debt ceiling is reached otherwise, there is a risk the U.S. will default on its debt.

    IOW, it essentially has nothing to do with cutting future expenses (Social Security and Medical) as the Republicans keep yammering about. Seems to me that’s part of future spending … not paying the interest on what we’ve already spent.

    (Actually, it makes my head hurt to try and figure it all out!)

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    • You are exactly right, Nan. The debt ceiling is what allows us to basically borrow from Peter to pay Paul. It pertains to debt that has already been incurred, that we already owe, just as you owe your rent or house payment. Future spending is another matter altogether, but they are often co-mingled when it comes time to raise the debt ceiling, for some see it as a golden opportunity to hold the nation hostage in order to curtail future spending. It’s a game of tit-for-tat that has been played throughout the ages, but what I find absolutely abominable this time around is the Republican’s threat to cut Social Security and Medicare. Of course, none of them will need to worry about it, for the vast majority of them are independently wealthy even without their $174,000 per year paycheck. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I vote we cut their salaries by half, for starters. Then listen to them screech like banshees.

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  3. Jill, President Biden needs to do the following today. Appoint Maya MacGuineas, executive director of the well respected nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, as the head of a very small committee to determine steps we need to take on addressing our debt. She will suggest a couple of immediate actions to vote on with upping the debt ceiling, but the heavy lifting will occur after the limit is raised. She will use data centric recommendations for consideration. She will report directly to me, but will be governed by the Secretary of Treasury and party leaders in both chambers who oversee financial issues. Keith

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  4. Jill, I suggest the president do the following today. Folks let me introduce you to Maya MacGuineas, the Executive Director of the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. She is well known and respected by both parties as is her organization. She will lead an

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    • You’re quite right, Michael. Almost all of our politicians are independently wealthy … one almost has to be in order to afford to even run for office! And once they get to a certain point on the wealth scale, they can no longer see us peons at the bottom of the ladder, and no longer care about us. xx

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  5. And just how much do you think Trudeau will pay for Alaska? You’re better off contacting Danielle Smith (Premier of Alberta) and ask her to buy it. Then she can go be queen, or something.
    But, hopefully, her days are already numbered here. She got caught (Surprise of surprises she denies it, then admits her legal advisors told her she should not even try!) trying to influence the Alberta courts to not pursue people or companies breaking government Covid rules in 2021 and 2022. Politicians are not allowed to do that. Kenney’s Minister of Justice got sent to the backbench last year for trying to get a Police Chief to fix a moving violation ticket that the press found out about. Smith is trying to get the Court to throw out obstuction of justice and weapons charges. She said her party ran an internal investigation and could find no evidence of tampering (Another big surprise!) and is refusing to have a public investigation. Then she turns around and says nothing happened anyway, which means she did try.
    Yeah, Alaskans can have her. Maybe they will feed her to a hungry grizzly bear!

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    • Wow, what nerve she has! Hopefully that will help get her ousted before too long. Just think, though … if it were not for a free press, we’d never know what our “leaders” were doing. I complain about the media quite often, and usually rightly so, but without them, there would be no such thing as a democratic foundation anywhere in the world.

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      • True enough. The story was leaked by our national government-owned television network, so I can’t help but wonder if Trudeau helped the story along. Smith hates Trudeau with a passion I wish she would put into governing for We the People, but she only cares about We the Gun-toting Rednecks of Alberta who claim climate change us a Liberal hoax, just like Covid!

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        • Why, I wonder, does she hate Trudeau? What has he ever done to her? Everything I see of Trudeau makes me respect him, but it seems some even here in the U.S. despise him, and I cannot figure out why. Perhaps it’s because he DOES have integrity and values? She sounds like she’s been taking lessons from the maga crowd down here!


          • I think she taught the MAGA crowd. She is a hate-filled Conservative, I probably mentioned her sesteanged gay sister in previous posts. I knew her i Vancouver before I ever moved to Alberta. She is the nicest person you could want to meet, but Danielle doesn’t want anyone to know she exists!

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            • I’m always amazed at how siblings, raised by the same parents, in the same household, by the same set of values, can be 180° apart. My two oldest, daughter Chris and son Michael are also exact opposites and I’ve never quite understood how that happened.


                • Nah, after nearly 72 years, I’ve concluded that “what you see is what you get” and there is no spirit or soul. We are a product of two things: DNA and environment. I could be wrong … wish I were … but I’ve seen to much of “man’s inhumanity to man.”


                  • DNA and enviroment should have helped Chris and Michael to be at least similar, not opposites. I’ll stick with my Metaverse.
                    Spirit does not always translate to “good” spirit depending on the incarnation, unfortunately.

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                    • No problem. Life is what it is. There are only two possibilities: Life ends, or it goes on in some fashion or other. If it ends, we will never know. If it doesn’t it won’t be the way any religion tries to anticipate it. And it will happen to all living beings… No choices!


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