State of the Union

I am always amazed at the degree to which our friends on the other side of the pond understand our own political/social situation. David Prosser, as always, gives us his own view of Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address. Thank you, David!


Since the State of the Union speech earlier his week I hav been following political analyses ofwhat Mr Biden said and the reaction of both the press and the public to it.Shockingly it does not appear taht the press is fully behind Joe Biden yet and the Public still don’t seem to think he’s performing his job.Both are strange given that he has created over half a million jobs since January and has the economy under control and has even shaved a vast amount off the National Debt.

This man is performing better than the miracle of the loaves and fishes for the people of his country. Now maybe when you’re close to the action you can’t see the wood for the trees, and perhaps because Joe is the quiet man he is, not constantly blowing his own trumpet, no-one sees the good he does close up. But good there…

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  2. Many thanks Jill, I’m amazed how your countrymen can’t come together on some things preferring to support the party before the country.The already vast divide seems to be widening.Rhe country needs competent leadership rather than austerity and demagoguery leading to a dictatorship.

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    • The utter lack of conscience among Republican lawmakers in this country astounds me, and their loyalty to the autocrats rather than to the people of this nation is … heartbreaking. The next presidential election is likely to be the one that decides the course of this country for the foreseeable future, whether we can continue to be a nation with democratic underpinnings, or whether we will join the ranks of nations such as Turkey and Hungary where a president is actually a dictator in all but name. Sadly, I don’t have much hope anymore, but … I keep trying anyway. Call me a fool. Sigh.

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