Alive And Well, Thanks To RSF!!!

Last March I wrote about Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor/producer (at that time) at Russia’s state television Channel One.  On that evening back in March, in the midst of the nightly live news (propaganda) program, she had burst onto the set behind the news anchor yelling, “Stop the war. No to war” and carrying a sign …

Marina Ovsyannikova, Editor at a Russian TV Channel, Interrupted Live Broadcast with Sign That Read ‘NO WAR’

At the time of my post, I predicted that there likely could be no good outcome for Ms. Ovsyannikova – but I was wrong!!!  This is one time I’m happy to be wrong!  Yesterday my inbox contained a letter from Christophe Deloire, the Secretary-General of RSF – Reporters Without Borders – that began with this statement from Ms. Ovsyannikova …

“The resources deployed by RSF were extraordinary. They saved my life, they helped me to flee Russia, a country where the government is run by war criminals.”

Mr. Deloire’s letter continues …

Five days after Marina Ovsiannikova became a symbol of resistance against Russian propaganda in March 2022 by brandishing an anti-war sign on camera in a Russian TV news studio, I called her to offer our support. In September, when she was under house arrest in Moscow, fitted with an electronic bracelet and facing a possible ten-year jail sentence, she told us she wanted to flee Russia. She left Moscow a few days later and, for four months, a small unit of RSF employees worked in the utmost secrecy on organising her escape, called “Operation Evelyne.”

What she did shows that it is possible to resist propaganda apparatuses, that one can disrupt them from within, that one can say no, and that it is possible to get out of them, to defect, to oppose the falsification of history and the manipulation of the news.

It is your support that makes this possible.

Thank you for your help.

Back in October, The Washington Post and other outlets reported that Ms. Ovsyannikova had escaped house arrest with her 11-year-old daughter, but there was no word of their whereabouts nor how they had escaped, so I was skeptical at that time.  There is an RSF press conference with Ms. Ovsyannikova – it is over an hour long and there are difficulties with the sound in the beginning, but in case you’re interested in seeing her up-close, here’s the link.

Two thumbs up 👍👍 to Marina Ovsyannikova for following her conscience nearly a year ago, even though it nearly cost her life, and another two thumbs 👍👍 to Reporters Without Borders for their dedication and determination!

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  2. Thank you, Jill, for this great news, which (to my knowledge) has been ignored by the “main stream media.” I hope she writes a book about this experience (as well as her life experience) so that we can get to know this courageous woman ‘personally.’

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    • You’re right … I haven’t seen anything about it in the media, but then … it’s all been kept very much under wraps by RSF, for obvious reasons. And, I would assume there is still a danger for her, so they are continuing to be cautious and not disclosing her whereabouts. Yes, I would love to read a book about all her experience, but in Russia and since leaving!

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  3. Thank you for the update. I have been concerned for her for a long time, but could find no reliable news. Thw ks to RSF, for being there to help. Wherever she chooses to live, I hope she will remain safe. I doubt Vlady-boyo is very happy right now!

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  4. Jill, this makes me REALLY happy! I too was more than sceptical about the future sort of this extraordinarily courageous woman, but hey ho, this time it came to a good ending. Hurray and thank you for this info. Yes, this is a moment to be happy to be proven wrong.

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    • Yes, it brought a big smile to my face, too! Sometimes things do go right! I have no idea where she is now, but she is safe and hopefully can have a good life from this point on!


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