You want to pull this book from school libraries in Florida?

Just in case you needed something to really growl about, I’m sharing our friend Keith’s latest post. Remember, as you read this about Mr. DeSantis’ latest lunacy, that what he’s doing to Florida today, he could end up doing to the entire nation in a couple of years! Thank you, Keith, for sharing this latest abomination.


Our blogging friend Scottie (see link below) alerted me to a library book being pulled and reviewed in my home county of Florida under the mandates of the current governor, Ron DeSantis. In an article by Chris Hoffman called “Roberto Clemente book pulled from shelves in Florida school district” on the CBS News outlet in Pittsburgh, the following paragraphs can be found:

“PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A book about the life and legacy of Pittsburgh Pirates legend Roberto Clemente has been pulled from shelves in a Florida county.

The legacy of Clemente is usually viewed favorably, from his amazing on-the-field skills to his work the community. So, it has some questioning why a book about his legacy was pulled.

The book “Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates” has been pulled from classrooms in Duvall Country, which includes Jacksonville.

‘Wait, a second. What is going on? I was upset about it,’…

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7 thoughts on “You want to pull this book from school libraries in Florida?

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  2. Banning books is all about limiting access to education, information and different perspectives. A real shame. The only people who suffer in the end are children.

    And I say this as a public librarian. Very proud of the work libraries are doing around the world these days to defend intellectual freedom and access to information.

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    • Exactly. It is also about the fear that if our young people learn enough about our past, they might be the ones to make significant changes in the future, and people seem, for some reason that I shall never understand, to be afraid of change. Afraid to have to admit that Black people are every bit as intelligent as white people, that there is no intrinsic difference between men and women’s ability to do a job. They’d prefer to keep all future generations believing that there was no racism, that white people are superior, for time immortal. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

      I second your applause for public librarians! Let us hope they can stand firm against the current wave of dystopia!

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  3. Someone said the ban on the Clemente book is temporary. How long is temporary? A temporary ban is still a ban, and it is depriving not just children, but everyone, of the true story of a great man, and hero.
    I have no words for the stupidity of certain people. AND THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!!

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