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I always enjoy Clay Jones’ cartoons, but I enjoy his commentary even more. He is an astute observer of the politics of the day and his words are typically as wise as any OpEd writer … though often spicier! His latest is spot-on … Republicans are desperately trying to distract us, to direct our attention anywhere but where it belongs.


I called a goon a “goon” yesterday and it upset him.

I enjoy reading the comments my cartoons get at GoComics but I don’t always interact with the readers there. But sometimes I’ll see a comment that I feel needs addressing. Yesterday, one of the right-wingers suggested a topic that fit his narrative, like that’s what I’m here for. I don’t see these guys telling the Boks, Varvels, and Lesters to draw on gun control, equal rights, Black Lives Matter, or women’s rights. Maybe someone should suggest a cartoon about climate change to Ben Garrison.

But this reader suggested a draw a cartoon that would feed his narrative, something he obviously saw while watching Tucker. I replied that it’s funny he found that to be an important issue while totally ignoring the mass shooting on Monday night that occurred at Michigan State University which resulted in three deaths from the…

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  1. Jill, when a party chooses not to have a platform, it is hard to have solutions based concerns. It is far easier to beat on your chest and say look at me. A party that once stood for something spends more time fear mongering over exaggerated issues to garner votes while ignoring fact-based solutions for real issues – water, climate, environment, healthcare, etc. Even when directionally correct on saying the debt is a concern today, after only making it worse with a $2 trillion tax bill in December, 2017, they are doing it at the wrong time and not considered 1/2 the options. Democrats also need to step up to address this after we get past the debt ceiling chicken playing, but this independent has witnessed Democrats doing more to address the debt than the GOP has. We should not forget George W. Bush being handed a surplus budget by Bill Clinton, then passing a tax cut to make it a deficit budget over the objections of his Treasury Secretary, whom he fired. Keith

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    • You are so right, Keith. I think they hope to earn kudos for seizing on made-up concerns that distract from real issues. All the ‘investigations’ promised by House Republicans are secondary to the things that really matter, but they advertise them in such a way as to make their base believe that such things as Hunter Biden’s damn laptop are the most important issues facing the nation today. Sadly, too many people will fall for their lies and rhetoric. It was 72° here on Wednesday, and is predicted to be 74° one day next week. It’s February, when average temps usually fall at or below freezing. And yet, have you heard anybody address the issue of climate change recently?

      I definitely agree that the debt ceiling is a #1 priority that is being used as a pawn and the public is being misled. The thing that galls me the most is … the Republicans continually talk about cutting spending … now, mind you, I’m sure there are areas where we could and should cut spending, including the military … but not once have I heard a Republican so much as mention that there are wealthy corporations and individuals paying a lower tax rate than the cashier at Kroger! Gee … what if we raised taxes on millionaires and billionaires? We could pay our debt and manage to reduce the deficit to zero within a year or two! Money in politics leads to poor governance.


    • I think the same, my friend. It was over-hyped, while the train derailment in my state that is rapidly being viewed as an environmental disaster, was downplayed. And oh … mass shootings? What the heck … look … there are balloons to worry about! Sigh.

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