Sunday Morning ‘Toon Collection

I have a habit of collecting political cartoons that I come across during the course of the week for future use, and every now and then my collection starts to bulge and it’s time to share some, to clean it out a bit.  This has been a week full of news and I’m still trying to absorb it all:  more on the Ohio train derailment, Nikki Haley throwing her hat into the 2024 presidential ring, Ron DeSantis’ continued attacks on the value of education, and let’s not forget the information that was released in the Dominion v Fox lawsuit, proving to us once and for all that Fox ‘News’ cares more about their bottom line than democracy or the health of the country.  So, given that my brain is on overload at the moment, as is my cartoon file, I figured what better time to share some of those ‘toons and give me a chance to step back and re-focus?  Political cartoons aren’t always funny, but they are typically spot-on, with the cartoonist saying more in a simple drawing than most of us writers can say in a 1200-word post.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Morning ‘Toon Collection

  1. Jill, we had already fallen to 23rd and 27th in math and science in the global rankings the last time I looked. Why not history and English, as well? While we are at it, let’s fire the newspaper writers and ban the romance novelists as they have those sexual references. Maybe they will get those sexy men and women on their covers to put on shirts. And, no more risque jokes! Did I cover the main mission of the current vintage of the GOP? Don’t worry about rising healthcare costs, water crisis, climate change, environmental degradation, restricting civil rights, and holistic action to address the debt as no one cares about those issues. Keith

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    • Agreed. Even without looking at the rankings, we can look around us and see that our education system isn’t what it should be, what it once was, judging by the number of people who hop on the conspiracy bandwagon whenever it rolls into town. And now, I hear DeSantis wants to scrap the SAT and replace it with a Christian test for high school grads. He says that Florida universities and colleges will accept that, but I wonder … does he not realize that a) he is dummying-down the future generations of his state, and b) some Florida grads might want to go to college out of state, perhaps Harvard, Yale, or University of Virginia? Sigh. This nation has serious problems, and we’re turning to the clowns to solve them. What could possibly go wrong, eh?


  2. I love it! You do seem to have a huge ready supply of ‘toons. I seldom look at them these days. Too much going on. One of my biggest fears, after learning how to read the signs on the freight trains, was that one of the trains that once passed through Owensboro would derail and create a scene like the one in Ohio. They only come through at night now and only one per day so I’ve been able to forget a lot of that now, but a few years ago the Jane book of signs was part of my equipment when I went to work each day. Being part of a disaster team was pretty hairy, and as Assistant for the Epidemiologist at the District Health Department during the time of SARS, Anthrax, Smallpox and the usual daily problems I went on “white powder” runs as well. There were several train derailments close to us, but our biggest problem in those days were the many tornadoes that hit all around us. Not fun to go to those areas and see all the destruction. That was one job I loved and hated at the same time, but fortunately it was not permanent, but a one year assignment through Americorp Homeland Security. Interesting, but happily left behind after the first year was up.

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