Jolly Ice Cream Monday!

Good Monday morning once again, friends!  Did you all have a wonderfully relaxing weekend?  Have you noticed that the weekends seem to be shorter these days?  Maybe because for a while there, during November, December, and January, there were so many holiday extended weekends and we’re not used to just two days.  But alas, it is Monday now, time to start a fresh new week with new challenges to combat!  Apart from a frigid start, with temps well below zero from Christmas thru New Years, it has been unseasonably warm here, even reaching 68° last Wednesday, and predicted to do the same later this week.  So, in honour of a summery winter, Joyful and I thought it would be a good time to have an ice cream party!  So, head over to the table and grab a treat, then we’ll find some fun to start the week off!

Let’s start with just a few puns …

We always have fun with the music puns …

You wanna see all the funny ‘toons I found over at Phil’s Phun?

And now for today’s funny, cute critter video … who knew that birds had such a great sense of rhythm???

Well, friends, we’ve really enjoyed our time together this morning and hope you have, too!  I see some beautiful smiles on your faces and I hope they can last throughout the week.  Be sure to share them … sharing a smile doesn’t cost a thing, and sometimes it means so much!  Keep safe and have a great week ahead!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa, Jolly ‘n Joyful!

44 thoughts on “Jolly Ice Cream Monday!

  1. That was so much fun! As a Star Trek fan, I especially enjoyed those… and the rock songs. Thanks for the chuckles! Now I’m singing, “Asparagus… Asparagus.” I love silly humor.

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    • Ah, then I hope you enjoyed your day!!! Technically, it was a holiday here, too … President’s Day. But, the only people who get time off work are government employees, so not much of a holiday, really. Happy Monday, and Happy Week, my dear friend!


  2. oh the beaver one!!! must send that one to friends who are working with a beaver protection association over here…. a good many terrific one. and it’s a bit too cool for me for ice cream yet!

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  3. Those Star Trek jokes are the best. 😆 Thankfully we have a Family Day holiday today and got to sleep in an extra hour and a half than usual. Hope you’re enjoying yours too$

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed them!!! An extra hour and a half, eh? I hope you enjoyed your holiday! It was an official holiday here today, too … President’s Day … but almost nobody actually gets the day off work, except government employees.

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