In the Grass Roots Begin

Many of us are “armchair activists”, by which I mean we support causes like racial equality, LGBTQ rights, holding law enforcement accountable, etc., but for one reason or another, we are not able to take place in marches and demonstrations, our voices are not, we think, loud enough to make a difference. Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to one of her posts from last year with a poem that I found both beautiful and inspirational … I think you will too! Thank you, Ana, for allowing me to share this today!

Troubador of Verse


Recorded Poem:


In the Grass Roots Begin

I ask now: What is activism’s
Most important goal?
Be it perhaps to liberate
Each person to be whole

In any way that person feel
The need their whole to be
Manifest individ’ually
Truly completely free?

I think it is.

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