Sunday Morning Political Humour

I thought a good way to start out this Sunday morning would be with a few of the week’s most spot-on political cartoons, followed by a humorous monologue by one of my favourites, Seth Meyers.  I’ll get back to you later with the serious stuff, but for now, have a few chuckles with your morning coffee or tea …

This is my favourite of the lot!!! So very apt, don’t you think?

A few nights ago I stumbled across this video of one of my favourite comedians, Seth Meyers …

18 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Political Humour

  1. Jill, too funny (and sad). The Santos resigning to go to work for Fox News is funny and right on the money. We need a conservative voice in this country, but this one is not it. This voice cannot be trusted. Democrats embellish the truth as well, but lying is a mainstream value in the Republican Party. Keith

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    • Indeed, the political cartoons always depict the reality only with a bit of humour so that we can both laugh and cry simultaneously! Yes, I can see the need for a fiscally conservative party, but today’s GOP goes far beyond conservative into racist and bigoted and vengeful. Sigh.


  2. Kind of a sad commentary about the world we live in. How many years — oops, Dylan wrote that back in the ’60’s. Nothing ever gets anything but worse these days. I did find the first one almost amusing in the idea that “out of the mouths of babes”! “I thought you liked being lied to” is the way a lot of kids see their parents these days. Sigh!

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    • Very much so … a humorous take on a sad … nay, a TRAGIC situation. Oh yeah … Bob Dylan … perhaps he saw more clearly than we thought he did. Sigh. If we don’t find a way to laugh every now and then, the angst will eat us alive, so … I try to inject humour once in a while. Tonight, however, I’m not even laughing at my own humour, for I am … grumpy. Sigh. Are you getting settled into your new place?

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      • I always thought Dylan was ahead of the game with a lot of his ideas. “With God On Our Side” told it like it was, is and it seems always be, although this country has found a way via the Supreme Court to outlaw God now. Maybe that’s the problem in a nutshell. I’m no religious nut but I do think that might be the only solution to a godless situation. Too many demigods running the world now. I don’t know, only that I am glad I am old but worry about my children, grands ad great grands.

        I am getting comfortably settled here. Still not sure what time some things happen, or where the laundry room for my unit is located, but someone will show me the way eventually. I still have enough clean things to keep going for another week. No sweating or getting dirty here where everything is done for me. I’m loving it! Hope the temps warm up soon so I can explore the grounds outside, but for now there are a lot of areas inside to explore. Gotta find the hair salon soon and see if anything can be done for my unruly mop. A wig would be best but not sure if I want to go that route with summer coming on soon.

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        • From my own perspective, I see religion as the biggest part of the problem, the cause of most wars, and certainly the base to which people like Trump & DeSantis play to. Yes, we are old and haven’t much longer on this earth, but we leave behind people who will have to clean up the messes our generation has made, and … we worry about them. Hopefully, they will do a better job of it than we have.

          I am so happy to hear that you’re settling in there and that you are happy. Yes, it will take some time to get into the ‘groove’, but you’ll get there in another week or so! I only worry that I think they need to give you about 4 rooms to hold all your stuff!!! Be happy, my friend!

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          • I would have to get more furniture if I Had 4 rooms. So far I’ve managed to get everything I need put away and my storage ottomans double as extra seating, so all is well. I did my laundry today and it was such a pleasure. Large washers and dryers that actually work! Nothing torn or shrunken after it was all finished! I haven’t had that much fun doing laundry in 20 years! And it didn’t cost $4.50 per load like at Roosevelt. FREE! is so much nicer. And clean! I think this is the best place I have ever landed. in my entire life. I wasn’t sure I could get used to being waited on but I enjoy it. Maybe not forever, but they are great about letting me do anything I feel able to do. Now if the rain would just stop so I can go out and enjoy the 70+ weather we are having now….

            I have surprised myself by finding places to put everything I have with me, and Gina and Mike have extras if I need them. All I really need is for them to hang my pictures so I can set the sewing machine up when I want it. We have had two concerts this week, one being by a guy I’ve known since he was a kid. He toured with Reba McIntyre after the plane crash that killed several members of her band, and came back home to be Director of the Bluegrass Museum in Owensboro. Has his own local TV show and used to date Mike’s first wife’s sister. it was lmost like old home week when he was here.

            I think I have finally come home and I hope some day you feel good enough to come down and see it yourself. Now I just hope my aunt will live several more years so we can enjoy the closeness we had all those years ago out in the country. I’m in the first really good place since moving to town 35 years ago.

            Take good care of you, my friend. I’m worried about your infection — respiratory? Not something to play around with. Be well, and be careful with your health.


  3. This first one poses a serious problem, that when a bad political party mamaged to get under their followers’ skin, then, the lack of the senses of morale also gets passed down to the younger generations of the, faithful followers of that, particular, party, and, the entire country is getting screwed over!

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