Rambling ‘Woke’ Thoughts …

The United States?  Think about that one for just a minute and I dare you not to laugh.  UNITED???  In … what way?  We are divided in nearly every way imaginable.  We are divided first and foremost by political considerations, but also by skin colour, by religion, by gender and gender identification, by level of education, by social beliefs, and perhaps most of all by economic status.  You say you want to live in the “United States of America”?  Go find it … and good luck with that.

In the nearly 72 years I’ve lived in this country, I have never seen it in so much turmoil as it is today.  I remember the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, but none compare with this. Today, we hate.  We hate each other, not for any personal affront necessarily, but rather for our affiliations or our ideology.  I believe that all people deserve to be treated fairly, regardless of skin colour, religion, or gender identification.  I believe that people should be judged on their actions, not for those things over which they have no control.  I believe that any nation is only as good as the way it treats its people … ALL of its people.  For that, I am dubbed “woke” and am hated by nearly half of the people in the nation … even people who don’t know me will hate me because a) I am non-religious, b) I believe in helping people who need help, c) I do not judge people on superficial criteria, and d) I am a reasonably intelligent, well-educated woman.  How dare I have an opinion, right?

What is the purpose of government?  It’s a question that divides us.  Some, apparently, believe that the purpose of government is to elevate the wealthy, increase the nation’s production of goods and services, and … control the masses.  I, and others like me however believe that the purpose of government is a) to oversee the national security, b) to form and protect international alliances, and c) to protect all people against discrimination and poverty, and to ensure equality among all.

Two years ago, a president and his minions plotted an attempted coup to overturn a fair and honest election in which that sitting president was voted out of office.  Thanks to the diligence of law enforcement, primarily the Capitol Police and DC Metropolitan Police, the efforts were cut short of fulfilling their goal, however thus far few, if any, of those who traitorously defied their oath of office have been held accountable.  Only the foot soldiers, the not-so-bright civilians who heeded the president’s call to come to the Capitol on January 6th, have been punished, and most of those have received naught but a slap on the wrist.  Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Donald Trump, Jenna Ellis, Mike Lindell, John Eastman and numerous others, including some sitting members of Congress today still walk free.

And yet, some in this nation avidly support one of those coup plotters to be the next president of the ‘United’ States in two years.  WHERE IS THE COMMON SENSE?

Where are the intelligent thought processes?  A portion – a fairly large portion at that – of the people in this country revere those who would trample on human rights, those who prefer entertainment to seriousness of purpose.  And then there are the rest of us, those of us who value education, believe that all humans deserve to be treated fairly, that nobody should have billions of dollars while others put their children to bed crying from hunger.

Just this week …

  • Mississippi signed a bill to discriminate against transgender people
  • West Virginia’s House passed a ‘right-to-discriminate’ bill
  • Iowa’s GOP proposed a ban on same-sex marriage

And we don’t discuss our problems … no, we scream, we yell, we threaten, and ultimately we become violent.  We have one two-term representative foolishly calling for a ‘divorce’ between some imaginary division of ‘red’ states vs ‘blue’ states.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A RED OR BLUE STATE!  There are both conservatives, liberals, and everything in between in every damned state in this nation!  You cannot simply divide the nation with no geographical, but only ideological boundaries!  The very thought proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person, Marge Greene, who concocted this idea is stupid.  And yet … she sits in a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.  She sits on the ‘Homeland Security Committee’ for Pete’s sake!!!  The very idea that our security is in her hands keeps me from sleeping at night!

There are others, equally deprived of cognitive brain function, who are in charge of making the decisions that will affect all our lives.  We can write letters to our elected officials, we can write letters to the editor of our local paper and hope that somebody actually reads them, and we can vote … oh wait …

Voting rights are being curtailed in nearly every state in the nation, so by November 2024, we may or may not have a voice in who leads our government.  And … if our choice isn’t the one that some people want, we may have another coup … and this one just might succeed, for the plotters have learned lessons from their earlier attempt and they have not been held to account, they walk free.

Meanwhile, people are up in arms because a dozen eggs costs $3.19.  Frustrated?  Hell yes, I’m frustrated, but not about the price of eggs!  Anybody who cares about the future, about the nation, most of all about people, would be frustrated living in this country.  And on that note, I bid you good night.

34 thoughts on “Rambling ‘Woke’ Thoughts …

    • Agreed! For many years, I ordered my insulin from Canada because I paid only about half of the $500 per month it would cost me here, and now I pay $70 per month ($35 x 2 different types I take). I know people who cut back or go without because they simply cannot afford it, so this is definitely a welcome change.

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  1. Yes, Jill, you and I are definitely members of the “woke” club, as are many of the fine folks who follow you. I’m proud to be a member of that club. What we have in Congress, on their side, is a bunch of buffoons and performance artists who only want to show up on Fox and get clicks and engagements. They are NOT serious people, which is beyond troubling, because we NEED serious people to deal with so many important issues facing this country.
    Thankfully, on the Dem side, we have smart people who know how to push back against these idiots. I liked what Eric Swalwell said the other day, to the whack job Matt Gaetz. Something like, “Go ahead and pull your stunts and conspiracy theories all you want. We’re here to get shit done!” Amen to that. Dems want to at least TRY to move this country forward. They want nothing of the sort. Great post, Jill.

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    • Awww … thanks, Jeff!!! Yes, we are both lucky to have integrity and values, and to have the support of our friends/readers who think much like we do. I’m beyond disgusted with the entirety of the Republican Party … you’re right … all they care about is being front and center, spewing their hate, which unfortunately seems to be just exactly what their base wants. They prefer a clown show to a serious government that actually works for the people. I know that eventually it will turn around, but every day there’s a new affront and it weighs heavily on our ability to smile these days. Thanks, Jeff … it was really just a composition of my thoughts last night … sometimes you just need to let the angst out, y’know?

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  2. Jill, one of America’s best proofs of democracy is the peaceful transition of power. Beginning well before the November, 2020 election, the sitting president prepared to stay in power by any means necessary. He put someone in charge of the postal system whose purpose was to hobble it further and then proceeded to naysay the mail process for voting over the next few months. He prepared to use litigation to stay in power, if needed, then hired over 1,000 attorneys by September, 2020, two months before the election.

    Come election night, he put in motion the election is being stolen strategy, following a script that Senator Bernie Sanders quite accurately predicted a month before on a talk show. And, then he stoked the fires for months and invited and incited people to forcefully protest on January 6, 2021 doing very little to stop them as he wanted them to succeed.

    In short, the seditious attack on the Capitol does not happen with any other president, but Donald J. Trump. He aided, abetted and stoked the fires of sedition. He finally was shamed to leave office, but that did not stop the lying about the election being stolen. He has lost all but one out of 65 or so court cases questioning vote tallies. Republican judges, Secretaries of State and election officials conducted audits, reviews and recounts confirming Trump lost the election.

    As we speak, Fox News has admitted in court documents that they knew Trump was lying about the election fraud. A House committee concluded Trump bears some responsibility for the January 6 insurrection and he may be charged by the Justice Department. He may be charged by the State of Georgia for election meddling. And, the last three years, we have seen him lose a case which said his company was guilty of tax fraud and he settled a case to repay money he took for personal reasons from his charitable foundation before it was disbanded and monies actually used for charities as designed.

    This is what we are dealing with. And, the fact people want this type of person in the White House shows how effective his gaslighting has been. Keith

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    • Agreed that such an abomination never happened with any president before Trump, but can we be sure it won’t happen again? The players suffered no real punishment, so what’s to stop another from doing the same in, say, 2028? The scary part for me is that so many people in this country continue to claim they believe the Big Lie, continue to call for Trump to be “reinstated” as president, and seem to gravitate toward the most dishonest of candidates. Yes, the gaslighting has been very effective and I wonder if this nation can withstand what may be coming. Sigh.


  3. Mississippi did NOT sign a bill that discriminates against transgender people. They signed a bill that stopped the use of puberty blockers for children. If you research these so-called “puberty blockers”, you will find out that they have devastating side effects, including bone loss, sterility, loss of brain function, mood disorders, & other problems. The fact is, you are SUPPOSED to go through puberty. I know that people are saying that kids are entering puberty are earlier ages than years ago but that’s a myth. I started puberty at age 10 & that was way the F back in 1970. & I wasn’t the only one … lots of us girls were developing fast & early in those days. & so were boys. But nobody wants to talk about this … there’s a mass amnesia about life back in the 60s & 70s … it was SO WONDERFUL!! Dontcha know?

    Lupron is a chemotherapy drug. For PROSTATE CANCER. Do you REALLY want kids to be taking this drug? Do you REALLY want kids to be taking ANY drugs at all? I know I don’t want my kids on drugs. Tylenol to bring down a fever & that’s it. No child needs any medication whatsoever. They need a lot of love, a lot time playing in the outdoors & a lot of time using their imaginations. Take away the tablets & the cell phones & give them books & art supplies.

    Yeah, I’m not crazy about the state getting involved with medical issues AT ALL but WTF … this isn’t about discrimination against transpeople. It’s about taking care of children & not putting them on a heavy-duty Fng drug when they are too Fng young for it. LET THEM GROW UP NORMALLY.

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  5. Despite what the, preachings of, freedom, liberty, and all of that being the core values of the U.S., and basically, every other country in this world, that’s not communist ruled,it doesn’t, actually, physically, exist, it’s only, a mirage, and, if people think they will be protected of their rights to life, to freedom, liberty, etc.,etc., etc., then, “we the people” are, totally, delusional.

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  6. Maybe it’s time that we recognise its not only a problem in our nations but a worldwide problem. Maybe the only solution is to unite world wide and create a united States of the world rather than America, Europe, Russia etc. But who am I fooling? People can’t live in peace with their direct neighbours let alone their neighbours world wide 😪

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  7. This sounds like a preamble to a verbal assault on the constitutional stupidity of the governing bodies in the USA, as well as a bunch of other countries around the world. I am awaiting your real assault on the less-general things that are happening in your nation.

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  8. You live in a Country where pure evil is acceptable as an argument for some lawmakers , where fo he the care of the people is a crime. The only positive thing I’ve seen in a long time is the drug Compaany EEli Lilly promising o bring down the price of Insulin to $35 for non medicare customers in he face of Republican opposition. This is not before time.

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    • Agreed. Sigh. People are considered by half of our government to be tools to be used and then discarded. Yes, Eli Lilly is agreeing to reduce the cost of its insulin, but my understanding is they only did it when threatened with a generic that would have made their product obsolete. I don’t think there was a sudden bolt of conscience involved, but rather a financial decision.

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