A Man And His Feathered Friends …

I was working on a post for this morning but was having trouble concentrating and finally decided that I really wasn’t in the mood to write about the hideous creatures inhabiting a certain ‘conference’ taking place this weekend.  Taking a break to check email, I came across something that made me crack a smile, and it was then that I realized today is Saturday!  The perfect thing for a Saturday Surprise post!

Parrots are unique animals with their bright colors and ability to mimic what people say. In fact, their impression of people is so accurate that if you’re not looking at them while they make the noise, you just might think an actual person is talking. Usually, when people come into contact with a parrot, they’re adults living in some sort of aviary or in a cage at someone’s house.

Johan Devenier is a South African man who has been raising six blue and gold macaws since their birth in April 2022.  Johan has a TikTok page  where he shares his journey of raising his feathered babies…and a fox!

I could not share the video that brought me a smile, for it was not embed-able, however I did find another (several, actually) on YouTube that shows the loving relationship between a man and his avian friends!  The birds lie in bed awaiting kisses on their beaks. Mr. Devenier has raised the birds from birth and it is obvious they love him as much as he loves them!


Now that you’ve started your Saturday with a smile, I hope the rest of your weekend is filled with even more smiles!

19 thoughts on “A Man And His Feathered Friends …

  1. He has sweet videos and it is clear he adores his parrots, but I am unsure why the birds lie in bed wrapped in a towel as opposed to sitting on a branch which would be more natural for them. Macaws are so majestic and these birds have really formed a strong bond with him.

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  2. Jill, of course, there are a lot of conspiracy parrots both in front of and behind the lectern at said conference. Squawk, it was stolen from me. Squawk. Fox is the enemy. Squawk. They just don’t like me. Squawk. Keith

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  3. Yes, made me smile, but also reminded me of my long-ago ex who had, when we were very early on and freshly in love friends. He had a canary who picked stuff from my friend’s lips. I was absolutely disgusted… maybe that should have warned me? 😉🙃 So, in hindsight, I guess I’m a great animal lover but not a parrot or bird mum?

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