Jolly ‘N Joyful’s Monday Treat

Good mornin’ fwiends!  Gwammie said she’s tired, so she’s leavin’ me ‘n Joyful in charge of Jolly Monday dis week!  Since I need Joyful to help me, we just gots some donuts ‘n stuff for your tweats so we can pull together some fun stuff to start your week wid a smile, ‘k?

Sowwy, no bacon today guys, but next week, I pwomise!

We want to start wif some cute critter pictures, ‘cause … who doesn’t like a cute critter???

An’ we gots some puns we found over at Phil’s Phun

But we know what you’re weally waitin’ for are da ‘toons, wight?

And as Gwammie always says, it ain’t Jolly Monday widdout a cute animal video!  We think you’ll weally like dis one wid a dog an’ a baby pig!

Well, fwiends, Gwammie will pop in later to chat wid you in da comments, but we hope you enjoyed our Jolly Monday an’ that you are leavin’ wid a smile on your faces!  Looks like you are!  We hope you has a gweat week and … wemember to share da smiles all week, ‘k?  Love ‘n hugs fwom Jolly ‘n Joyful … an’ Gwammie too!

24 thoughts on “Jolly ‘N Joyful’s Monday Treat

  1. This is wonderful, Jill-thanks! Some weeks I don’t get here till Monday’s passed, but I got here for Monday on Monday, and I want to thank you and your helpers for these!

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